How many crypto apps do you have on your phone?

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 9 Mar 2022

How many crypto or crypto-related apps do you have in your phone? And why?

I have 12 apps. Here goes:

- Hodlnaut: to do token swaps conveniently

- Gemini: to transfer the Zcash I get from Pipeflare Gaming and Global Hive to the Earn program

- Coinbase: to do the Learn and Earn lessons soonest. Also, faucetgamers is said to pay directly to my Coinbase account

- Coinbase Wallet: because Coinbase gave me $4 worth of ETH for downloading it and integrating it with my Coinbase account

- MetaMask: hope to win a free NFT someday this year!

- Carrot: to earn 5 sats per article from Bitcoin Magazine

- sMiles: to earn sats from walking

- Wallet of Satoshi: to collect the sats I earn from Carrot & sMiles via the Lightning Network

- CoinGecko: to keep abreast of latest crypto happenings

- Legion Network: because it promised me $5 worth of Legion

- Discord: to earn $10 worth of USDC every month by chatting on Hodlnaut’s Discord channel

- Reddit: to take part in the monthly portfolio competition organised by subreddit rewardsforcrypto. Also, trying to farm moons on subreddit cryptocurrency. Wish me luck!

And what about you?

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