Hodlnaut’s Discord Helped Me Improve My English

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 7 Apr 2022

I joined Hodlnaut’s Discord server to learn more about crypto but I sure didn’t expect it to be a fertile ground for the improvement of my English. I have been working professionally as an English teacher, so you can understand why all this is very exciting to me.

So how have I improved my English? Let me count the ways.

Firstly, I picked up some slang. A 21-year-old Brit wrote something about another user air-ing his DM. When I saw the word air, I was perplexed about his intention because I instantly thought of “air one’s dirty laundry”. What misdeeds did this Brit guy have? Upon seeking clarification from him, I understood that air in this case refers to ignoring someone. Geez, I would never have figured this out because I’m boomer old. 😛

Also, my knowledge about the English language was enhanced. I know that it’s slightly embarrassing for me to admit so, but I only learnt from my colleague that the letter ‘y’ acts as a part-time vowel. When I shared this trivia with my good mates on Discord, the Brit guy immediately said that he knew about it and elaborated that that is how Hangman is won. Choose words like rhythm and myth, and your competitors will be left confused because they will have guessed all the vowels, but to no avail. Wow! This was an A-ha moment for me. An American guy immediately chipped in and introduced me to the song “A E I O U and sometimes Y” by Freeze. Woah! Now I even have a song to appeal to the auditory intelligence of my students! 

Lastly, I learnt more about my favourite poem, If, which was written by Rudyard Kipling. One time, I shared the last stanza with my crypto mates and a 40-year-old Brit guy dropped this knowledge bomb:

One verse is set in stone on the promenade of Westward Ho! (small seaside town in Devon) and this is because Kipling spent many of his childhood days at the resort.

This mate happens to read my Publish0x articles, so if you are reading this, I want to say THANK YOU for adding another flavour to my profound appreciation of this wonderfully wise poem.

In short, I love it that this Discord server allows me to be myself and indulge in my all-time favourite - the English language. I know that it’s a strange reason for getting a Hodlnaut account but hey, the sense of community and camaraderie might just be what you are looking for. So join me at https://hodlnaut.com/join/joAItg9DS

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