Goodbye, Luna

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 12 May 2022

Dear LUNA,

I was first introduced to you when an ex-student extolled the virtues of the Anchor Protocol and urged me to take a look at you. But I neglected to do so because I was attracted to your buddies, SOL and MATIC.

Still, I always had you at the back of my mind. I even profited somewhat because of you. You see, when I took part in the hypothetical portfolio competition organised by r/rewardsforcrypto, I placed my bet on you, confident that your value would trump all other coins for the month of April. Though I wasn’t entirely right in my prediction, I still won a cool $10 bucks because you emerged third in the competition. Thanks for that.

How swiftly have the tides turned. You were one stunning princess in the crypto space and seemed powerful. Your prowess grew so much that we all assumed that you were invincible.

Until forces beyond the control of commoners converged to surmount an attack on you and your buddy, UST. Designed to be the sacrificial lamb, you accepted your fate and fell off the face of this earth. You are currently valued at $0.0063, a far cry from your ATH of more than one hundred bucks.

Because of your demise, many people lost their life savings. I was about to put more money into Anchor Protocol before this saga happened. I guess I dodged a bullet. I want to let you know that your death hammered in the volatility of crypto for me. A Top 10 coin can vanish into nothingness in the blink of an eye. I will always be reminded that all this is transient - hype, clout, gains, etc. Invest in things that you mentally expect to evaporate overnight.

Have a good rest, mate. Hang loose and exchange a few beers with your buddy, TITAN.




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