Get Hold of $10 USDC (or More!)

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 4 Apr 2022

If you use Reddit, check out this subreddit called r/rewardsforcrypto. The good folks there run a hypothetical crypto portfolio competition every month. Basically, be the first to suggest a coin/token that you think will soar in the coming month. The organisers will keep track of the prices of all coins/tokens suggested by all participants for the month. The top ten cryptocurrencies with the best price surges at the end of the month will yield their ‘suggestor’ attractive USDC prizes sponsored by Hodlnaut.


I go by the nickname cryotosensei on this forum. I placed my bet on AVAX in March, emerged third place and won $30 worth of USDC.


If this sounds like a competition you will like to join, do head over to r/rewardsforcrypto and suggest a crypto you are bullish about. If you will put my name cryotosensei at the end of your comment, I might just get to win $25 worth of USDC!


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