Did You Know About KuCoin Earn?

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 23 Mar 2022

For I sure didn't until fairly recently. My energies had been preoccupied with lending out my USDT successfully, which sadly never happened because of my petty earnings from Publish0x. I was actually under the impression that KuCoin wouldn't offer an Earn program the likes of Gemini because it seemed to appeal to more advanced investors who dabbled with spot trading and margin trading. Luckily for me, my misconception was shattered one day when I hovered my cursor above the Earn icon, dragging the menu down to reveal the KuCoin Earn option. 


I hope you are not as clueless as me but if this is something new to you, fret not. This article will detail the steps that I took to enroll into the Earn program successfully. So stay tuned and hopefully, you will do likewise with your next batch of earnings from KuCoin.

Firstly, I withdrew my AMPL and DFI earnings from Publish0x and Cake DeFi (referral code: 298646) respectively. That yielded me about $30 worth of digital assets in my Main account.

Next, I transferred this $30 from the Main account to the Trading account and converted it to USDT. So I now had $30 worth of USDT. 

I subsequently transferred the USDT back to my Main account. I proceeded to click on the KuCoin Earn tab, after which I was warmly greeted by the Savings icon for USDT. It seemed that I was good to go. The minimum for Earn was $10 but I had three times the USDT. The rate of return wasn't too bad for a 7-day period; it was 5.32%. Not enough to make me a crypto millionaire. Not as favourable as the rates offered by Hodlnaut but it would do. We should try the features on every platform at least once!


I scrolled to the bottom and clicked to affirm that I had read the terms and conditions of the Savings Service Agreement. Voila! I was in the Deposit program!


Well, it felt amazing to have my USDT grow a tiny bit while I work my butt off to accumulate my earnings on Publish0x. I hope this gives you an idea on how to grow your Publish0x earnings!

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