Can’t Get Involved With StepN? Here Are Two Alternative Apps.

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 7 May 2022

ICYMI, the National Steps Challenge organised by the National Health Board is open for applications. And yes, yours truly has already walked enough to redeem a $10 NTUC supermarket voucher.   Given that I click 13-14k steps on a regular basis, you may also assume that I have invested in StepN, the move-to-earn app that rewards walkers/joggers/runners with lucrative sums of USDC via sneaker NFTs. Alas, I have neither the money bags nor time to partake in it, so I’m sitting this one out until the marketplace in which prospective users can rent StepN sneakers for free goes live. All in good time, my mate.   So, what’s a determined daddy hustler supposed to do then? I guess I benefited from the Law of Attraction because I found two apps that would reward my walking.   The first app is sMiles. It dishes out sats like fish bait for my daily walking. It also offers a Spin The Wheel game and a Chess game, which you can play to get more sats. I do the spin the wheel religiously since it just takes up one minute of my time. As for chess, I don’t play it, but it’s surprisingly easy to beat the AI-powered opponent, so it’s a quick way to get anything from 2 to 8 sats for a game. But of course, since I’m so dedicated to my work, I don’t play the Chess game often. But when I’m approaching the minimum withdrawal of 100 sats, a sudden fire consumes me. I will passionately play chess until I hit the mark. If this sounds like an app you can incorporate into your lifestyle, download sMiles app and input *CryptoSensei783*. (   Here's a screenshot of the sats I am earning from sMiles on a daily basis.   0eec39ecb207c2ee1d3ecb33f26c3351e03b791e0e7847920fb3253123eac033.jpg   The second app is Sweatcoin. Honestly, it conjures images of underaged children sweating it out at sweatshops in the developing world, so I don’t think it evokes very positive connotations for me. I overcame my bias towards this app mainly because I learnt how some of my mates who frequented my favourite Discord channel had been using it. Mind you, I haven’t actually withdrawn anything yet, unlike my sats from sMiles. But I have been accumulating sweatcoins this past week because the team promised to launch a crypto called SWEAT this summer. Well, since I’m walking so much every day, I might as well optimise my efforts. There’s also a click bait feature called “Daily 2x Boost”, in which I will be rewarded with double the number of sweatcoins for a period of 20 minutes every day. I will see how things go and update you all accordingly. If you are the action-oriented type, you may download the app with my referral link:   886f3de167deb9ce6471b922d873eed3a67aaa4052d88e85db256575540ab36b.jpg   There you have it. How I get free supermarket vouchers, free sats and free sweatcoins from my walking.  

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