Bitcoin and Lamborghini

Bitcoin and Lamborghini

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 15 Oct 2021

My student, whom I nicknamed as Skateboard Boy, wrote on my curated worksheet that he wants to earn money to buy nice cars in future.

So I asked him what his favourite car brand was.  

“Lamborghini Aventador.”  

I only knew Lamborghini because there seemed to be a correlation with Bitcoin: people who made a killing from Bitcoin could then buy Lamborghini cars. This is because cars are notoriously expensive in my home country, so Bitcoin aficionados equate the profitability of Bitcoin with the ability to possess a Lamborghini car.  For him to go deeper and quote a specific model surprised me. I Googled the price of an Aventador; buying one such car would set you back $800k, exclusive of the Certificate of Entitlement all car owners must bid successfully for in order to own a car in Singapore.   

Then, another student whose nickname was Tall Dark Handsome came around and said that his favourite car brand was Lamborghini Murcielago. Again, I had to Google it.  

“Oh yes, it’s discontinued in 2011,” he informed me, corroborating my Google result.  

Since when did 12-year-old boys have such extravagant tastes?! But in any case, I learnt that the key to getting some 12-year-old boys interested in Bitcoin is to explain how Bitcoin has the ability to surge exponentially, thus helping them afford their desired Lamborghini. LOL!  

Photo by Broderick Armbrister from Pexels

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