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By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 26 Jan 2022

Remember how I blogged the other day about Hodlnaut incentivising its users to chat to chat on its Discord channel with USDC? Well, it has certainly been a game-changer. I chat there with other crypto enthusiasts almost religiously these days. I believe some of them even remember my username.

I want to be more of an activist investor this year and was happy to learn about Moss Carbon Credit token (

https://mco2token.moss.earth/) today. I mean, I knew about it because Gemini Exchange announced that it would be supporting this token on its platform, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Fellow users enlightened me that buying these Moss Carbon Credit tokens and burning them would empower ordinary people like you and me to offset their carbon emissions. Apparently, 1 MCO2 token is equivalent to one ton of CO2. 

This is particularly relevant for avid travelers who are concerned about the impact of their jet-setting habit on the environment. Buying MCO2 tokens will alleviate their guilt somewhat as it serves as a voluntary personal carbon tax.

Things got even more exciting for me when another user shared that the team behind Klima has been accumulating MCO2 tokens in their treasury, which has consequently caused its price to increase. Given that Klima is one of those promising DeFi platforms with upsized yields, their backing of this token appears to lend credibility to its value. Here’s a link if you wish to check out the vital statistics of Klima:


I don’t know if I will invest in MCO2 tokens yet but what I learnt from my fellow comrades on the Hodlnaut’s Discord channel fascinates me and I am keen to find out more about it. 

Are you currently invested in MCO2 tokens? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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