6 Months Review: My Progress Towards My 10 Crypto Goals

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 3 Jun 2022

I'm delirious with joy. Today is the first day of the school holidays. That doesn't mean that my personal and professional responsibilities can be chunked aside and relegated to the cobwebs of my mind, but still....More time on my hands! More space to work on my passion project, which is being true to my persona of being #diaperfinancingfund. Anyway, I thought nothing will be better than reviewing my goals that I set towards the end of last year. So, my reflections will be highlighted in bold in this piece.

Only 2 weeks before 2022 hands us its clean slate, glittering with its shiny possibilities. Have you decided on your crypto investment goals? I have, and my way foward can be encapsulated in 5 words:

Get Passive Income Every Day

To actualise this ideal, I need to come up with goals so that they serve as a road map to guide my direction. Now, I know about SMART goals and all, but I’m not going to use the concept here because I don’t want to pressurise myself with quantifiable goals. My crypto journey is not another facet of my work self. It should comprise fun rather than key performance indicators!

So here are my goals.

1) write articles that offer a unique point of view and deliver chuckles as well as insights. I know I would have arrived if crypto firms scout me to initiate collaboration opportunities. #gunningforsponsoredposts. Thanks to my new designation as dyslexia coach, I believe I have succeeded in achieving this goal because I write about my learning points in regards to dyslexia ever so often. I have also figured out how to shitpost for moons on the controversial r/cryptocurrency and am posting humourous drivel like the best of them. Although no crypto firm has headhunted me yet, an emerging content creator platform reached out to me to explore opportunities for paid partnerships. In fact, I am drinking coffee from the wine tumbler the team gave me right now! As to why I put coffee in a wine tumbler, that will be another story for another day.

2) generate enough active referrals for varied faucets so that I have random but regular streams of crypto arriving at my wallets. I occasionally succeed in getting referrals but the challenge is, my referrals never seem to stay for long. So, I need to find a way to constantly write high-impact articles that naturally pique people's curiosity to sign up for faucets through my links. Got to generate ideas for these high-impact articles.

3) open accounts with other crypto lending platforms besides Hodlnaut so that I can write authoritative articles that compare and contrast these firms. Not achieved. Not sure that I want to, since Celsius has kinda fallen under suspicion for its alleged involvement in the LUNA/UST fiasco. 

4) venture into other liquidity mining pools besides Cake DeFi to really immerse myself in the DeFi space. AAVE and Anchor protocols come to mind. I actually found a Learn to Earn lesson that awarded me $5 of UST. I subsequently deposited it into the Anchor protocol. We all know how that turned out. I'm thankful that I didn't invest my own money.

5) focus some attention on the up-and-coming altcoins instead of concentrating my firepower on the top 10. Given that even altcoins in the top 10 positions are behaving erratically (Solana outageS, anyone), I am not sure if I want to risk my resources on altcoins that are not tried and tested. Since Bitcoin and Ethereum have acquired a reputation as "blue chips", I think I will concentrate my firepower on them now.

6) learn to use automated trading bots like Pionex to enhance my earnings. Have had no time to explore this yet. Well, I still have six more months to go.

7) make my foray into other publish-to-earn platforms like Torum and Hive. Am posting on Torum once a day to get the daily rewards. I really want to accumulate the minimum amount of 500 XTM so that I can convert it to USDT on Kucoin, but man, this process is taking forever! Haven't ventured into Hive but I did sign up for a noise.cash account today because I decided to find a sanctuary to park my musings about Japan. Let me see how that works out.

8) get my first NFT in a giveaway competition and mint it on OpenSea just to see how the process is like. Haven't won any NFTs yet but did mint my first NFT for free on Rarible.

9) receive my first BAT tip on Twitter! Similarly, did not receive any BAT tips yet. But I received 200 moons from a kind reader, so I am going to tick this goal as been there, done that.

10) leverage my experience in teaching to write cryptocurrency fiction for kids. Sell my stories as an e-book on Amazon. Did write some short prose because I was inspired by the LUNA/UST saga. Guess I now have to put them together in an e-book. 

 I know ten goals seem like a lot to work on, but hey it’s a brand new year. I’m allowed to be audaciously ambitious!

And what are your goals? Share them in the comments below.

Upon reflection, I realised that I was no longer interested in pursuing some of my original goals. So allow me the honour of updating my ten goals for the second half of 2022.

1) write two articles on Publish0x every day, one crypto and the other either related to teaching or travel.

2) generate new referrals for Cake DeFi, Hodlnaut and various faucets. Gotta love passive income.

3) explore DeFi platforms. I am going to use the e-book, "How to DeFi", that is authored by CoinGecko so that I know how to go about doing it.

4) accumulate the blue chips, BTC and ETH.

5) learn to use automated trading bots like Pionex and Kucoin to enhance my earnings. 

6) post regularly on Torum and noise.cash. Revive my extinct blog.

7) win my NFT in a giveaway competition and mint it on OpenSea just to see how the process is like.

8) receive my first BAT tip on Twitter

9) come up with an e-book that comprises short crypto stories for kids

10) seize opportunities to share my crypto experiences in others, preferably in the form of face-to-face presentations organised by the education fraternity and/or industry leaders.

How has 2022 turned out for you so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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