Verasity Improves Rewards Redemptions
Verasity Improves Rewards Redemptions

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 12 Dec 2019

I always test out any crypto earning ideas before referring them to others. I don't want people referring me to junky, scammy apps and ideas. And I certainly don't want to send anyone off on a wild goose chase of something that will be a waste of your time or is just after your data. Today let's take a look at Verasity's Triviata app.

First of all, for those who don't know what Verasity is, you can read my short overview on it here. I think you'll find it interesting. 

When I first learned about and started using Verasity's Triviata app, I was skeptical about recommending it, and did in fact hold off. Partly it was because the whole thing seemed odd and the redemption process seemed like it would be cumbersome. I really couldn't understand why they were launching and promoting a trivia app of all things. But I recently visited their Twitter and Medium and finally got some sense of what they're trying to do. 

In addition to their video player technology, Verasity's tech allows for mobile game apps to be built as well, and Triviata is in part meant to help attract attention from potential game builders. Of course it can also attract attention to Verasity in general and start generating something of a user base of VRA holders while they continue to build out their products. And since making VRA tippable is also on the roadmap, I'm sure they want to make sure theres some VRA already in the hands of users when they launch, so that there's something of an ecosystem already set up and waiting. Much like Brave has done with its BAT grant system.

Honestly the Triviata app is kind of silly. It's basically a trivia app that rewards you in "Crystals," (can you just pay me in Verasity Tokens already? was my initial thinking) after taking short repetitive quizzes (you get the same ones over and over) and often watching an ad afterward (the vast majority of your Crystal rewards comes in the form of watching ads actually, far more than the actual quizzes). 

The improvement announcement they made regarding Triviata is simply that now in addition to redeeming your earned Crystals for VRA, you can also claim Bitcoin. I just did the redemption process for the first time a few minutes ago and it was much easier than I'd imagined it'd be. Just went to a redemption site, signed into my VRA account, clicked a couple times and done. (If you download and use Trivata and ever need to redeem your crystals, you can find the link on Trivata's Twitter or come back and find this article as I'll be including it below)

And because I did that I can now give you an idea of how much you'd earn using Triviata. They gave me close to 800 VRA for my earned crystals. I took about two quizzes a day (highly game-ified, not difficult) and watched one 25 second ad about six days a week. This whole daily routine takes about 2 minutes or less. This was over the course of just over a month. There's also some of those offer walls you see on a lot of crypto earning apps but I never use them. They also have just recently enabled crystal earning competitions.

Let's be clear; At its current value, this is a very small amount of "money." I'm willing to go through this somewhat tedious (but easy) rigamarole simply because I've researched Verasity enough to know they're doing something worthwhile, looking to solve a real problem and have a shot at succeeding. Even if they don't, they're likely to live long enough to see another bull run. The more time I spend in crypto, the less I think of it in terms of dollar value anyway. I think of it as currency with a lot of potential future value as this technology and its related ecosystems grow and mature. And now you have the chance to earn Bitcoin with Triviata if you don't want VRA. 

Now you have the details to make an informed decision about if it's worth your while or not. Long story short: This is really for those of us who don't have money to invest in crypto but still want to accumulate some. That's the inspiration behind my blog's name after all. I am CryptoScrimper! But since it's really easy to use and convert your crystals to VRA or BTC, it's not a bad idea for anyone wanting to scrimp themselves a little extra crypto. It's just pretty boring cause they're not adding new trivia games and you keep answering the same quizzes over and over. 

BTW, you can also earn VRA by watching a few videos through a link on their website, though the selection is very small.You will of course have to get a Verasity account (you'll need one to redeem your Triviata crystals too). They will provide you a wallet that you don't need to install on your device. What they have going there now is basically just a sort of trial run of their beta product. Hopefully soon you're going to be able to use the same process to earn VRA/VRAB on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch etc. I imagine there will also be more mobile gaming products coming that allow for the earning of VRA and Bitcoin, even if it is by way of "Crystals!"  

**Edit. Oh I almost forgot. Verasity offers perhaps the most generous staking option in the whole industry. I believe it's a whopping 36% annually! U.S. residents cannot stake however and I'm not sure if you stake right there in the online wallet they provide, or if they have another wallet you use. You'd have to look into it.

If you want to try Triviata go here

Crystal redemption site:

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