Uptrennd Opens Up To All Topics

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 2 Mar 2020

Uptrennd, the until now crypto-only focused monetized social media site, has just announced that it has opened up to a whole host of new topics via roughly forty newly listed communties. Among others, the communities include: Comedy & Memes, Philosophy, Politics, Travel, Artificial Intelligence and Art. 

Until today, the only non crypto focused communities open had been Gaming, Personal Growth and Finance. The team indicates that suggestions will continue to be taken and new communities added on an ongoing basis. This effectively opens Uptrennd as a viable income earning social media platform for a whole host of potential new users and is certain to spell enormous growth for the young and budding platform. 


It also raises certain questions and concerns in my mind, among them: Will Uptrennd be able to upgrade its servers enough to keep pace with this growth? (I already routinely get slow page loads and 524 errors). Will the site once again be overrun with generic spam comments seeking to farm for upvotes? It seems like every time Uptrennd starts to get another round of spamming under control, a new wave of users show up who challenge the platform all over again.

Does Uptrennd have sufficient plans in place to prevent sock puppets from abusing the rewards system? Bots? And again, about that spamming. 
It seems any monetized social platform is bound to attract people who will attempt to abuse them, and I'm yet to be convinced abuse of such sites can ever be truly eradicated. There are quite simply so many ways around prevention systems that it seems unlikely to ever be fully prevented. It seems the best that can be done is to mitigate the issue as much as possible. 

Right now the main means to prevent generic upvote farming comments on Uptrennd has been to encourage users to downvote all such comments which usually look something like the following: "Thanks for posting." "Good contribution. I agree" etc. Many shameless users even copy the comments of others and then only slightly alter them in an effort to pass them off as original! Even worse, many people supported this practice by continually upvoting such comments. Will downvoting such comments be enough to stop this phenomenon? Reporting users who are seen to repeatedly do this has also been encouraged. 

Recently I've definitely noticed a lot more downvoting of such comments, which is good as it removes the financial incentive to spam, in addition to (rightfully) stigmatizing the abuser. But after opening up the floodgates to all topics, it is clear that each new wave of users is going to have to be educated by the team and the community about what to do and what not to do in regard to these issues. Nobody enjoys using a platform rife with spam, and first impressions count. 

Will Uptrennd make a good first impression as it opens up to the masses? Time will tell. 

Uptrennd has also recently announced a new polished look coming for desktop and an app for mobile. In the future the platform plans to allow the purchasing of communities (via their native 1UP token of course) which will allow the community owner to earn a certain percentage of all upvotes earned in that community. 

Have you been on Uptrennd? Let us know your experience. And if you haven't and want to try, you can sign up here and get a few tokens to start you off

If in the past you have tried platforms like Steemit and been turned off the complicated tokenization system, you might be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of Uptrennd's model and its unique gamified twist

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