Celebrate Pi Day With Free Pi

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 14 Mar 2020

Each year, March 14th marks "Pi day." Pi day is when math enthusiasts around the world celebrate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159, thus the reason for choosing 3/14 as Pi day.

Pi day is also the anniversary of the launch of the Pi cryptocurrency project, which is a fork of the Stellar network being built by a group of Stanford graduates. In addition to a cryptocurrency being developed on the Stellar Consensus protocol, the team is building an ecommerce marketplace where Pi can be exchanged for goods and services. As part of the testing program, many users have already exchanged Pi with one another for various goods and services. Transfers are instant and are sent via usernames rather than having to copy and paste a long string of random numbers and letters.

Right now the Pi app is basically operating as a simulated mining app while they build out the blockchain behind the scenes. It is essentially a slow, but generous daily airdrop that distributes Pi to the app daily for simply checking in and confirming that you're not a robot. There is no other qualification or tasks to do other than simply signing up. There is no initial KYC, however please note that eventually, in order to claim and be able to send or use your accumulated Pi, you will in fact have to complete KYC. 

The team is celebrating the anniversary of the launch of Pi today. As a small promotion, they are giving away 3,141.59 Pi to a lucky person--whether that person is an already existing user, or a new sign up on Pi day. They are also allowing inviters such as myself to freely share 1 Pi to new users who sign up. If you sign up with my link below, you will receive one Pi token. 

In addition, if you sign up with my link and then comment your Pi username below this post, I will personally send you five Pi. (**Please note, Pi transfers are currently enabled only for select users who are part of the transfer testing program, of which I am a part. Anyone can receive the transfers however)

So if you're not already using Pi and would like to try, 1) use the link below and if it asks for an invitation code, use 'CryptoScrimper.' You should be credited 1 Pi. 2) Leave your Pi username in the comments so I can send you 5 more Pi! 3) "Mine" Pi every day while the team continues to build the blockchain and marketplace. 

The app is only simulated mining and will not use your phone's data or battery. It can be kept closed and opened only briefly once per day (but you will still be earning 24/7)



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