Brave Ads Now Live For Desktop!

Brave Ads Now Live For Desktop!

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 24 Apr 2019

The day is finally here. Ads have now been enabled in the standard release of the Brave browser for desktop, and you can immediately start earning BAT in exchange for viewing these ads in the following countries: U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. Support for other countries coming soon. We can see this news reflected in the current market with BAT having a nice spike in value today while the rest of the market was seeing red.

I've been running ads in the Beta version for about a month now. The experience is a bit repetitive as you get the same ads over and over, but I don't mind as I'm earning BAT daily. It's understandable, as the ad system is new and so far only so many advertisers have signed up to participate.


You will be invited via a little pop up on the top right of your browser to view an ad based on your browsing history. You also have the option to simply close the pop-up without viewing the ad. In the future, there are plans to also include a model more similar to what we're already used to, where ads appear right in the page you are already viewing.



Please note they have not yet enabled withdrawal ability for earned tokens, but this feature is coming soon. In the meantime, there is simply no reason not to go ahead and make Brave your standard browser and start accumulating tokens now. You can easily easily import your bookmarks and add all the same extensions you use now with your current browser as Brave accepts both Chrome and Firefox extensions. You can keep your earned tokens to cash out later, or you can use them immediately to tip your favorite websites and content creators. (You can do this either via manual tipping or by turning on the Auto Contribute feature)

If you already have the browser installed, simply click the three bars on the top right of your browser, then 'About Brave' and it should automatically update. You can then enable ads after clicking on "Brave Rewards" under the same three bar graphic. 

Because it doesn't track user activity with tracking scripts which store your data (Brave uses a different type of non-tracking algorithm to match ads suitable to your browsing history), the browser is fast, private, and the mobile version (Ads are not yet enabled for mobile, but coming soon) uses less mobile data and less battery life than current standard browsers.

In addition, the browser lets you choose how many ads you want to see per hour from one to five. Under the Enable Ads switch you'll see a light blue graphic. Click on that and you can adjust the number of ads viewed. You earn about 0.05 BAT per viewed ad.

You can of course, opt out of seeing ads altogether as the browser is ad free by default. You just won't earn any BAT that way.

This is not the culmination of development for BAT, more like the jumping off point. In the future, you will be able to spend your BAT directly to buy giftcards, Uber credits, hotel reservations and much more. As well as be able to send your BAT peer to peer to friends, family and acquaintances.

If you haven't already downloaded and installed it, you can do so here. Go ahead and start earning some BAT today.

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