$25 in Bitcoin with Abra referral for U.S. Bank acct and Amex Holders

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 16 Mar 2019

You can use this referral to easily earn $25 in Bitcon within a few short minutes. When I did it, I had the Bitcoin within 48 hours. I've used the app to swap with other coins and doubled that in a few weeks. Very easy to use. 

To get the $25 in Bitcoin, you will need to use the link below to install the app and deposit $5 or more via your U.S. bank account (no fee) or a qualifying American Express card (4% transaction fee). Any other purchase method will not qualify you for the offer. Available for both IOS and Android, Abra has made this process remarkably easy and user friendly. It will take just a couple minutes. You can even immediately convert back into dollars and send back to your bank if you want. 

I've used over a dozen mobile cryptocurrency wallets and apps, and this so far has been my favorite because of how user friendly it is and the absence of fees when you use your bank account to fund it. What I love most about it though is the ability to swap cryptos instantly with a couple taps. There are no fees for this, although Abra uses a small 'spread' system when exchanging currencies, which essentially amounts to a small fee. Current coins include Digibytes, XLM, ETH, Vertcoin, Lisk, BAT, Dash, EOS, Golem, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, OMG, QTUM, Sia, Stratis, Tron, Verge, Doge, XRP, Zcash, NEM, Augur, Ox (ZRX) ADA, Status and BCASH

190903265-d13b60b9d4da50156a2d815142fb1f06621f13507c497933b00e2db22f91a838.jpeg **Note: It can take up to ten days to receive your Bitcoin (only took mine about 40 hours after loading the app with $5, as my bank transfer went through very quickly). In the meantime you should receive an email from Abra within twenty four hours of sign-up confirming your eligibility Abra also has a new Crypto Index Fund which makes investing in a variety of top cryptocurrencies very easy.

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