Streaming Platform DLive to Implement Theta Network Protocol

By | | 11 Oct 2019

What is DLive?

DLive is a live streaming platform that was built using Lino, a decentralized blockchain. In 2018, DLive launched after raising $20 million in funding. The platform has rapidly grown and has over 5 million monthly users after they managed to get the biggest YouTuber, PewDiePie, to livestream on the website.

Users who chose to stream on the platform can earn Lino Points which are a part of the DLive rewards ecosystem. These Lino Points can be donated by users who watch the streamers and purchased through their website or acquired by their mobile apps.

The Partnership

In an announcement by Theta Labs, the Theta Network will soon be incorporated into the DLive platform after only one year in operation. Theta Network claims to be the ‘leading blockchain video infrastructure protocol’ therefore working with DLive will benefit their peer-to-peer video relaying.

After huge growth, DLive has come across problems with content delivery fiat problems, therefore implementing the Theta Network is crucial. Wilson Wei, CEO of Lino stated that:

“The DLive platform has grown tremendously in 2019, but with that comes fast-rising content delivery costs. By adding Theta Network to DLive’s video infrastructure, DLive can reduce those costs by 50% or more, making DLive platform growth more sustainable. This is how we can grow from 5 million to 50 million monthly users, and we’re excited to explore long-term strategic opportunities between Lino and Theta.”

The partnership will start with Theta Network’s peer-to-peer streaming protocol being implemented into the platform so desktop and mobile users can experience relay of videos. Future partnerships could also include teaming up with so the Theta Network will have a combined reach of 8 million users.

Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu is extremely excited about the partnership as he said:

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Theta Network to DLive’s 5 million users and bring decentralized video streaming to a mass audience. This partnership marks a major milestone for the Theta Network, making us one of the most widely utilized and adopted blockchain technologies of any industry. The DLive team shares our long-term vision to transform the media and entertainment industries through decentralized technologies, we’re looking forward to a great partnership.”

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