LINE, LVC, and Nomura Exploring Blockchain Technology

By | | 5 Oct 2019

Who are LINE, LVC, and Nomura?

According to an announcement by LINE, the three companies are described as:

The Nomura Group is a leading financial institution with a strong global franchise. Under its corporate mission, “We help to enrich society through our expertise in capital markets,” the firm aims to become the most trusted partner for its existing and potential clients.”

“LINE is driving forward a self-contained Smart Portal strategy wherein the LINE messaging app serves as a gateway through which users can seamlessly connect with people, information, services, companies, and brands. Under its corporate mission of “Closing the Distance,” LINE provides high value-added services to its over 81 million monthly active users (MAU) in Japan.”

“Meanwhile, through the operation of the BITMAX cryptocurrency exchange, LVC is driving forward the LINE Token Economy concept founded upon blockchain technology that aims to foster a co-creative relationship between users and service providers. Finally, LINE and LINE Tech Plus Pte Ltd. (LVC’s subsidiary) are partnering with many companies to help grow and develop the blockchain ecosystem.”

How are these companies connected?

The three parties decided to go into business together to explore blockchain technology. This alliance was brought together to utilize LINE’s huge 81 million-member user-base and to use Nomura Group’s experience in the financial business sector so blockchain-based opportunities don’t go unnoticed.

LINE has announced they will be establishing a token economy that is back by blockchain technology. To ensure the success of this token, it will be supported by the BITMAX exchange. Any financial earnings that the three companies occur will be made public as a result of the partnership so that the integrity of the businesses can stay intact.

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