The Best Excuses to Not Buy Bitcoin

The Best Excuses to Not Buy Bitcoin

By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 21 Sep 2021

Since 2009, a revolutionary technology has been placed in the hands of humanity. This technology is called Bitcoin and aims to offer financial independence to those who will use it. We therefore have the choice between staying on classic finance or entering modern finance.
In the past it has already happened that humanity was faced with a similar choice: when from gold coins they chose to switch to banknotes and when from banknotes they switched to cards and electronic payments. There has always been a rejection of the "new" and, once overcome, humanity has taken a step forward. I think we are now in this phase: the rejection of Bitcoin by those who do not know it. So that's why people don't buy it, completely ignoring what it really is and what its purpose is.


Bitcoin is too risky

The fear of what is unknown. This is the first cause of people's rejection of a new asset, with characteristics never seen before. It is commonly thought that since it does not have a central guarantor, Bitcoin is not as secure as fiat money is. Unfortunately, we ignore the fact that the blockchain is immutable and transparent, and makes its decentralization its main strength. On the contrary, Fiat money is safe only until someone decides what its fate will be: a war, a crisis or a catastrophe can easily impact its value or prevent it from being paid out by the bank that holds it for us.


Bitcoin is too expensive

Not everyone knows that it is not necessary to buy a bitcoin as a unit. It is divisible up to the eighth decimal place, called Satoshi (Sat) in honor of its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike today's currencies, therefore, you can also buy just one Sat. This frees people from having to invest large sums to hold BTC and puts this asset within the reach of anyone. Today its value has grown and the days are gone when you could buy a whole one with a few hundred dollars. The "One Coiners" (= those who hold at least 1BTC) are fewer and fewer and are destined to decrease in number compared to the retail population.


It's too late

It is never too late to buy a currency destined to replace Fiat coins. Bitcoin is a train that hasn't left yet, it is still in its infancy and the world is now realizing its existence. Mass-adoption is not just around the corner, but you don't have to waste time studying and getting information. The price has recently risen a lot, it is true, but according to less optimistic estimates, in a few years the 50 thousand dollars will be just a distant memory, as the 10 thousand are now.


Bitcoin is simply our best option

The monetary and political revolution that Bitcoin is carrying out is unprecedented as it has no bosses and therefore cannot be stopped. Its intrinsic value lies precisely in not having a commander to stop or arrest. This leads the regulators of the various states to have to take note, as they have to take note of the fact that people will use it. Unfortunately, many people are still unfamiliar with this technology and therefore do not trust it. The fear of what is new and unknown has always characterized humanity, whoever manages to overcome it has an incredible advantage.



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