Covid vaccine Vs Bitcoin

By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 15 Apr 2021


The pamdemic unleashed by the SARS-COVID19 virus has had a major impact on all markets and the global economy a general.
Being a market, cryptocurrencies have also been affected and in particular Bitcoin in March 2020 marked a minimum below 4000 dollars, prey to what is called "covid-effect".
In a nutshell it happened that there were huge cryptocurrency sales to monetize due to the fear of a pandemic. In that case the FOMO was at its lowest, we were very far from the previous halving and few managed to keep a cool head in the face of an event of this magnitude.

March 2020 - Covid effect on BTC


We have not yet reached the end of this pandemic but the markets have already marked a general rise that reveals a shy optimism. In fact, just over a year has passed since March 2020 and there have been many innovations in the Bitcoin field: first of all there was a halving and then the entry of institutional companies. This meant that many retail investors also approached cryptocurrencies, comforted by the fact that what brought Bitcoin below $4000 could never return. Thanks to researchers from all over the world, in fact, today we have an effective weapon against covid: a vaccine. The vaccination campaign was the turning point as it was with other diseases of the past: chicken pox, smallpox, polio, etc.


There is no turning back

Those who have entered Bitcoin now have done so to stay, at least until the price is such as to guarantee an immense profit. Now we need to be optimistic, the bull-run is underway and it seems like it doesn't want to stop. People are starting to feel the need for bitcoin, companies like Tesla use it as a payment method and paypal makes its customers use it. The economic revolution has begun.


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