Simple tip to earn small amounts of Binance Coin (BNB)

By kbond | cryptosauce | 14 Dec 2020

Binance Coin (BNB) has certainly taken off in the past year now up 81%, largely due to BNB's strong utility offering traders on the popular Binance platform discounts on trading fees.

Always keen to earn crypto wherever I can, I have discovered a simple method that allows you to earn very small amounts of BNB without the need of risking crypto through staking or trading. This is done by utilising a popular crypto faucet and converting the small amounts into BNB.

A crypto faucet allows you to earn small amounts usually in exchange for viewing an ad, but the key is to find a crypto faucet with no minimum withdrawal amount allowing you to earn crypto then send directly to your wallet or exchange account.

Sending small amounts of crypto to Binance allows you to convert the small amounts of what is commonly knows as 'dust' into BNB, therefore if you utilise a faucet and send the small amounts to Binance you can quickly stack small amounts of BNB. 

Here is how we do it!

  • Open an account with crypto faucet 'Pipeflare'. It's a really simple but effective crypto faucet that allows you to earn Zcash and Dogecoin daily then sent to the wallet / exchange of your choosing.
  • Copy your Binance Zcash and Dogecoin addresses into the wallet section of Pipeflare
  • Every day, you log into Pipeflare a small amount of Zcash and Dogecoin will be sent to your Binance account which you can use the 'Convert Dust into BNB' feature to build up your BNB holdings.

Don't expect much but every bit helps.

Free crypto is free crypto right!



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