NFTs: Are You Ready?

Usually, my blog posts are short stories, theories, or curiosities on the market. This post is slightly different. This post is for me. I am going to be honest. I don't promote, I don't care to, however, I created something and it's time to share what I created. 


Crypto Hollowz

A new NFT, the utility is insane, its been two years of work to create this. The team and I have worked hard to build a NFT that represents something. 

This is the first Serbian based NFT (I am not Serbian but the majority of the team is). We built this NFT on the basis of mental health and humanitarian work. Not only that we plan on building a P2P game, a coin, a nightclub, etc. There is a lot to come, check out this video and buckle up because Crypto Hollowz is here to stay!


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Cryptos and The World They Live In
Cryptos and The World They Live In

Me, some guy talking about cryptos.

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