TRON Outperformed Ethereum in Q1 2019
TRON Outperformed Ethereum in Q1 2019

By rex_regulus_rey | Cryptos 101 | 7 Apr 2019

     TRON has finally made it. TRON has finally outperformed Ethereum in terms of number of users, of USD volume and of number of transactions. It was an achievement that every TRON supporter waited for since the mainnet launch late last year. Given that TRON started out as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum platform, Ethereum has become TRON's benchmark in measuring its success. It is always TRON versus Ethereum. No wonder to see the endless bickering between Justin and Vitalik in almost all known social media sites online, I must say.


Daily Active Users
     From the start of 2019, number of daily active users for TRON has increased steadily and has reached its highest point last April 2 with more than 70k users compared to around 11k users for Ethereum. TRON has six times more number of users than Ethereum on that day. With these high numbers, Tron didn't face any issues with scalability since it can handle 2000 tps compared to Etheruem's 25 tps. Remember Cryptokitties, a dapp that choked Ethereum blockchain and caused transaction backlogs for days?



Volume in US Dollars
     From January to March, TRON has seen a massive increase in Dapps launched. There were even Dapps from Ethereum that migrated over to TRON citing concerns like scalability issues and dismal number of daily users of Ethereum blockchain. These are the main driving force for TRON to reach record breaking volumes in US dollars. Mostly are gambling and high-risk dapps that users patronize due to anticipation of great rewards either in winnings or in dividend payouts. Last March 15, TRON achieved it highest daily volume of $102M while Ethereum got $4M the same day. We're talking about TRON having an astonishing 25 times more volume than Ethereum one ordinary day in March.



Number of Transactions
     Higher number of daily users surely translates to higher number of transactions. Last March 26, TRON processed almost 4M transactions against 71k transactions for Ethereum. TRON is really built to handle millions of transactions but it has future plans to further optomize its speed and scalability by introducing a layer 2 network.


     With these statistics, there's no stopping TRON. More and more projects and enhancements are in the pipeline which will propel TRON to achieve its goal of web decentralization in the near future.

For statistics used above, please see DappReview.

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