How to get rid of the infamous Google Finance Disclaimer on your spreadsheet
How to get rid of the infamous Google Finance Disclaimer on your spreadsheet

By ridertiger | CryptoRider | 3 May 2019

So, I googled this question:

How to get rid of the infamous Google Finance Disclaimer on your spreadsheet

in various forms and shapes and sizes, and almost everything coming up as an answer was deleted by google forums. How, do you ask? Well, there are some answers and they all point to older google help forums, and they are all deleted for the sake of the brand new forum.

All the answers point to the new google help and it goes to the main page, instead of going to the old help text. The only thing left intact was some guy saying that he already removed all Google Finances and he still sees the dreaded Disclaimer.

Anyways, so I decided to ask myself here:

I want to get rid of Google finance disclaimer. I used the =GOOGLEFINANCE formula in a sheet. It triggered the display of a disclaimer at the bottom of the sheet that says: Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Disclaimer  

The disclaimer is a link, and it goes here: where it says a bunch of nonsense that I don't need to read.

The answer I got was:

Hi, the disclaimer should disappear once every GOOGLEFINANCE formula has been removed from your sheet. To locate them, you can use View > Show formulae (or use Ctrl+` shortcut (the button next to 1 in top left of keyboard)

Well, clearly:

I don't want to remove the formulas I have a whole bunch of them and they have different formulas.  I just want to get rid of the disclaimer. I should be able to say ok and let go  

Anyways, I see that no help was coming, so I decided to remove all the google finance formulas, I deleted the column, etc. and no luck. Then I simply copied my clean (no google finance) sheets to an empty spreadsheet and did all the customizations again. For ETHUSD prices, I used this method: Put this link in a cell by itself, and refer everything to it: This here is for Bitcoin: Then the formula is simple: =IMPORTXML(Y1,"//span[@id='quote_price']/@data-usd")   Here is an example, a working google sheet with no disclaimer. It has ETH, BTC etc. I would like to thank for the initial version of this example spreadsheet, though he still has the disclaimer, mine does not.   So, to sum up,

  • Delete all google finance references from your spreadsheet
  • Delete the columns/rows with the bugged finance formula and write a new column/row for good measure with the correct formulas
  • Copy and paste the whole thing into a new spreadsheet document.

There you go! 190903265-e770d90acec7be505a3d16540b5d3eba0f0e0871b4cc03b8824834d52fb18e52.jpeg


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