Easiest way to use XLM or Stellar tokens, without doing any trustline.
Easiest way to use XLM or Stellar tokens, without doing any trustline.

By ridertiger | CryptoRider | 4 Apr 2019

When I wrote my article at https://www.publish0x.com/cryptorider/the-newest-thing-to-make-xlm-airdrops-xonzk

On XLM airdrops, I saw the difficulty with trustlines. Here is the solution, right here.

One point to consider is that you need to establish a trustline for XLM, whether you are doing bounties or airdrops. And the trouble is you need to pay a miniscule amount of XLM to establish that, and you never know whether your airdropped tokens will arrive. To remedy that, I found this solution that lets you know, by email, that some tokens have arrived. Then you go into your lobstr wallet and claim them, and then, and only then, you pay the trustline XLM price, which is like 0.000001 XLM or something. So, here is how you get your Stellar address that does not need a trustline:

  • Go to https://lobstr.co/home/
  • Click on settings, which takes you https://lobstr.co/settings/
  • At the very bottom, find the phrase that says Accept all address. You can see that it says “Use this alternative address to receive any stellar assets without adding trustlines. You will be informed when you get a money transfer.” Here is the screenshot for it:


  • Mine is ridertiger@gmail.com*lobstr.co   Try to send something and see if it goes. Feel free to email me at ridertiger@gmail.com to see if your tokens have arrived. If you want, I will send you back some of it to make sure your “catch-all” address is working.
  • If you receive tokens, you will receive an email asking you to “claim” whatever arrived in your wallet, and you go there and claim them.


There you go, that is all there is! Now you can submit your catch-all address to all the airdrops and bounties.



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