IPBC — Altcoin Appreciation Month

IPBC — Altcoin Appreciation Month

By Mike Bateman | CryptoReviews | 6 Mar 2019

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC)

Original upload date: April 4th 2018

The previous two days we took a look at PIVX and CarVertical. Today we are staying in low cap land and looking at Interplanetary Broadcast Coin (IPBC). IPBC is all about content creation and getting rewarded for how many people view that content as well as rewarding those who share it and those who watch it. Most importantly, and something unique in crypto at this point, IPBC already has its video platform fully up and running, so after reading this you could go and hop on their platform and start watching and earning. Now, lets kick this article off how we usually do, with a little history.


IPBC was founded in January of 2017 and had alpha and beta releases of their platform in February 2017 and 2018 respectively. The current team sits at just under 30 members with a distribution of four senior executives, twenty software developers and marketing professionals, and three consulting advisors. The team has its home in Tenerife, Spain which is part of the Canary Islands.

IPBC is a Proof of Work (PoW) coin that is built on the CryptoNote code and uses the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) for storage of videos on its platform. IPFS allows for the decentralized storage of the content produced on its website, an important marketing point of the coin, and CryptoNote is important for the project as this code allows IPBC to be mined with a CPU (more to come about this below). The coin was launched with no pre-mine and has a block time of 120 seconds or 2 minutes. IPBC’s maximum coin supply is 1 billion coins. The current circulating supply of the coin is a little over 35 million and the total supply is just over 37 million. At the time of this writing, the price of IPBC is $0.144177 or 0.00002114 BTC placing the coin at rank 530th on coinmarketcap with a total market cap of just over $5 million.


Now, the idea of using the blockchain and tokens to pay content creators is not new to crypto, what makes IPBC stand out are two things: their platform is 100% ad-free and they have devised the first “Web Media Miner.” With the web miner, a user viewing a video on the ipbc platform will be mining coins with the CPU of their computer while enjoying their content. This advancement is key for the platform to be add free. Revenue is generated for both the content creator and IPBC, who receive a cut of the mined coins, from the person watching. This mining allows the ideal set up of content creators being rewarded simply for views of their content with no downside of ads for the viewer.


People of course watch videos on more than just their computer. Almost everyone with a smart phone is watching videos on their phones daily. For the moment, the mining on phones is disabled due to concerns about overheating the phones. Wouldn’t want another Samsung Galaxy incident but this time due to watching cat videos. The IPBC team has mobile applications planned in their roadmap but is waiting to completely pursue those until after a fork to Proof of Verification (PoV) later this year.

This system and the website are already up and running here. The current domain is ipbc.io and is hosting all of their content; however, the team has expressed on Twitter that the full content website that is still under development will be bit.tube. Furthermore, because the platform is ad-free the company itself is not beholden to another company wishing to advertise on it. IPBC maintains that there platform will remain censorship free (thanks primarily to IPFS) and is currently using that as a main marketing tool in its competition with YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, one of the features the team is working on at the moment is a YouTube tool that will allow creators to transfer their channels from YouTube over to IPBC. The team stated they want their platform to be as easy to use and set up as YouTube for its content provides. This YouTube tool will be an opportunity for the team to show that off.

Lastly, there is a fork coming for this coin on April 5th (tomorrow) for IPBC. The fork will take place on a test blockchain that will be open to the community. The purpose of the fork is that the new chain has modifications to CryptoNight. These modifications will eliminate mining with ASIC hardware and help with the team’s goal of a CPU mined coin. After bug elimination and confirmation by the community the team will announce a date for the live fork of IPBC. In addition to that fork, two months following it the team will introduce another fork that will switch the coin from PoW to PoV. The purpose of that switch is to make the mining of the coin more energy efficient. From the PoV switch the team will develop their mobile platforms.

If you would like to trade IPBC the coin is currently available on Livecoin and TradeOgre. Livecoin boasts over 90% of the market volume and offers BTC, ETH, and a USD pairing of IPBC. Links to both of those exchanges below.

Livecoin — https://www.livecoin.net/

TradeOgre — https://tradeogre.com/markets

To follow IPBC or check out their platform use the links below!

IPBC platform — https://ipbc.io/#
Twitter — https://twitter.com/ipbc_dev
ANN — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2856278.0

I hope you enjoyed this look at IPBC. Any comments questions or suggestions are greatly appreciated. The coin and token that have been looked at so far this week are PIVX and CarVertical. I am not associated with IPBC coin besides being a bagholder and user of the platform. Follow me here, on Twitter @thant1194, or on InvestFeed @thant11. Tomorrow’s coin will be Metal (MTL).

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