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By . | Crypto Resources | 17 Jun 2020

Neo, a blockchain platform with an international community and a part of the Neo Foundation, says it has been amplifying its support for high-potential developers and participants through its EcoBoost program — and Switcheo, an exchange that leverages atomic swaps to link multiple blockchains, is the latest to benefit.

Per executives from Switcheo and Neo, both parties will deepen their technical cooperation, underscoring both parties’ commitment to realizing the smart economy of the future. As part of a joint commitment “to an open and connected financial world,” the exchange is set to gradually adopt Neo’s cross-chain protocol, which is currently in development.

Neo also plans to build confidence in the Switcheo Token (known as SWTH, for short) by enabling them to be redeemed for GAS tokens. This will be achieved through a brand-new SWFT/GAS trading pair on Switcheo’s exchange. Conversely, those who use the decentralized platform will be able to pay their fees using GAS tokens if they so wish.

Da Hongfei, the founder of Neo, said: “Neo and Switcheo are aligned in their vision of supporting an open community that builds upon the decentralized ethos of blockchain technology.”

Meanwhile, Switcheo CEO Ivan Poon added: “We are delighted to announce this timely partnership as it is an exciting time for Switcheo with several new projects in the pipeline. With Neo’s support, this strategic partnership will further strengthen the Neo community and set the stage for Switcheo’s up-and-coming decentralized finance products.” Switcheo, which is also available on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, says it aims to deliver a “secure multi-chain trading experience” that enables users to connect and trade freely without any mandatory registration process.


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