Lyf coin staking smart contract: customizable and transparency in staking!
Lyf coin staking smart contract: customizable and transparency in staking!

By EbriDan | CryptoRelated | 27 Feb 2020


How would you like to have complete control of your staked coins? An ability to customize your staked tokens with a beginning list of about 100 different erc20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain? 

The staking smart contract offers staking services to all ERC-20 tokens that are live on the blockchain, owners and holders of token can now stake tokens. Lyfcoin comes with fair pricing and continuous organic growth and a Business Barometer Cycle providing a pricing API in USDT impervious to dumping, pumping and manipulations even from a smart token owner.

What is lyfcoin?

Lyfcoin is a fully licensed and verified company with rules and regulations, data protection licenses, a GDPR compliant, fiat wallets and other licenses, lyfcoin is an established company in the European Union that offers personalised Wallets in it's back office, available for its staking program, ready and verified on the Ethereum blockchain network. 



smart contract address: 0x0a44b248c871decfcc46427207543e39f5234590


smart contract address: 0xb427194ff6b5458b955c9b227cd490683f4bf096

This is the native currency for payment via smart contracts on the lyfcoin ecosystem.


Lyfcoin provides a new way of staking tokens taking advantage of the old PoW protocols, that offers a fast and secure network with the users still in total control of their assets. 

A computer protocol facilitates, digitally verifies, and automatically negotiate and authenticate transactions, eliminating the need of 3rd parties which (as humans would always want to manipulate anything for personal benefits). The codes and protocols acts as a means of regulation on the lyfcoin ecosystem and determines which direction a fund is supposed to move and what quantity with 100% accuracy as is expected of blockchains. 351665157-dbbd4cd5a891f78503abc9c464d8856090757b2f8654ce152cc7b708d4f0bef8.jpeg

ERC-20 tokens can be staked and added to token pools, you can get the equivalent in the lyfcoin token and get monthly rewards for your stakes. Token creators, owners and holders can choose how long they will like to stake for, there is a fixed amount that cannot be altered for the Minimum and maximum deposits/withdrawals allowed on the platform. 

To protect against the biggest fear in the crypto industry, "volatility", Lyfcoin provides a "provably fair mechanism" using a Business barometer cycle that has been personalized for the lyfcoin staking platform, the Business Barometer Cycle would protect against all manipulative techniques, strategies and tactics that is being used to alter prices of coins, such as; wash trading, pump and dumps, dark pool trading, shilling from paid shillers and whale tradings.


There are various advantages the lyfcoin staking platform has over the regular staking, they are discussed below;


  • The dependence on third-party services is eliminated by the lyfcoin staking platform, which in turn solves the third party problems that comes with the need to trust strangers on the internet. One can now put complete trust in the smart contract, which is reliable and transparent. Transparency in lyfcoin staking platform

All links, tools for result verification, confirmation of seeds and algorithm that will be used on the platform for generating random numbers would be open source and readily available on the platform. 

  • The high risk of decreased in the value of staked coins, since the cryptocurrency always has to be kept for a long time to gain profit has been controlled by the lyfcoin staking platform by providing an ERC-20 tokens 50–50 Staking for owners and holders. 

"At the point of staking, an agreed upon percentage would be as seen on the Whitepaper would be implemented, 50% of your staked tokens can be converted to lyf token and profits would be generated from both the lyfcoin token and the erc20 token that has been staked".

Payments by the reward system is done automatically by the end of the agreed term or day without delay. 

  • Many cryptocurrencies that are being staked have their bulk of assets in the hands of few people, whales and large players and thus runs the risk of centralization, on the lyfcoin staking platform a few or a lot of individuals can play a part without any form of manipulation. 

Same goes for Masternode owners with malicious intents, a coin and it's value are free from maniputions and each value is represented by it's stable equivalent. 

  • An ability to personalize and customize your staked tokens. 
  • The greatest risk in staking is cryptocurrency volatility, for this Lyfcoin provides a "provably fair mechanism" using a Business barometer cycle that has been personalized for the lyfcoin staking platform. 351665157-30794342f08ae2fe7994866dc623af43af82c3a4217591248925ca0137e611fd.jpegfor more information please visit











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