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Fantasy combines the benefits of a virtual reality(VR) and cryptocurrency to produce a platform were people pay and get paid for adult contents, games and general fantasies. Would you like to own a "fully functional red light window(s)" which is an area(virtual billboard for advertising) inside of Fantasy FXXX (the red planet's red light district/city), loaded with complete adult stars and content? Fantasy has got you covered. 

The owners of the billboards place adverts to catch the gaze of other users.


The virtual city can be accessed via the web GL interface, a VR, and an AR. There are 19 sectors with windows displaying contents, you can walk into any of these to experience it or immerse yourself in fantasies.

* Riot Kitty (central hub) 

* Dude Sweet (beach Boys) 

* Booty Sector (hip hop and booty) 


* Disciplinarian (fetish) 

* Snowbirds (snow time)

* City Boys (suits & stubble)

* Bad Boys (always in trouble)

* DJ (shag an idol)

* Lovers Guide (how to) 

* Sex Toys (use it on me)

* Toy Boys (all male review) 

* Silicon Alley (i have boobs now) 

* Strut (rock stars can walk on me) 

* Cherry Bomb (Gay District) 

* Femme (Girls Only)

* Soi Cowgirl (Colony on Mars Moon)

* Shinjuku (Colony Mars Moon) Anime. 

* Fast Car (take me for a ride) 

* Voyeurs (I like to be watched) 


For adult content, I can choose my fantasy, embody myself inside anyone of my choice, be it a guy or girl, select my desired fantasy and do kinky stuffs. This according to a study can make porn to be a way of creating real world relationships and earn big not just a distraction considering that the porn industry makes an estimated $10 billion to $97 billion in a year. I can also just choose to play games, host games or participate. 



Personally I think this would be a lucrative way of earning passive income, all i have to do is walk around the city looking at a free contents, and earn some credits. Fantasy uses a 'gaze' mechanism which calculates the amount of seconds I stare at a content and sends the equivalent, in it's token. 

This model is in use by GazeCoin, a company that launched a battle Royale type of game on VR on Planet Mars. 


Both Fantasy and GazeCoin use an Erc-721 rent token for it's business model revenue generation, to earn more I'll have to choose a land, district, area or apartment with the most traffic (during the land sales), then decide whether to put the land up for sale at a marketplace or set up a structure that will generate income based on peoples interactions. 

The available structures to erect include; 

*massage palor, *night clubs, *entire blocks, *cinema, *billboards, *apartments, *strip clubs, *saunas *vending machines and a few more. 

Whatever I choose to build will generate an 8% fee for every transaction that occurs around by structure. Cooool, isn't it? 



Fantasy coin has the exact same functions as GazeCoin, the team behind the creation of GazeCoin are responsible for fantasy coin, so all features of Gazecoin platform can be used for free. 

The functions of fantasy coin;

‣ A simple and easy to use crypto interface for token swap

‣ A great DEX for tokens

‣ Geo-locating trading and geo-location social activities

‣ Ability to create and locate advert

‣ A virtual reality interface and webVR browser applications available for download on desktop and mobile

‣ An analytic system used by Gaze Coin to calculate engagement metrics based on users gaze (eye tracking).

‣ Rewards for the amount of time spent (paid in FXXX)

‣ Import and insert ads.

‣ Receives FXXX as a source of payment to linked services and products in and outside the platform. 


A new class of asset on the Ethereum blockchain will be launched by Fantasy, it uses a layer 2 contract and layer address to create a cluster on the meta verse for receiving payments in DAI on an Ethereum Wallet. With the continual advancement in AI, web technologies, the future will include a lot of virtual reality engagement and entertainment, this may be responsible for the increase in virtual reality apps. Would you be willing to invest in Fantasy? 




Fantasy (FXXX) is triggered by "eye gaze", a feature that activates upon detection a user's gaze. To participate, register on the website, complete kyc and join pre-sale on

DEC 10-20, 2019 

Buying FANTASY (FSY COIN) will enable one participate in the land/area auction coming up in the 1st quarter of 2020.

The MOON Sales and IEO will commenced on (Q2 2020)



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