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Balancer: The DeFi gold mine.

By cryptorekt | cryptorekt | 28 Jul 2020

Ok, before you get excited this one does come with risk. It's not overly hard to do, but yes definitely risk. Balancer is new and it's already been hacked. Only use funds to liquidity mine what you can afford to lose.

Personally I think this is one of the coolest things to come out of DeFi so far. Instead of holding the tokens and reaping the benefits like in 2017/18, it's now the opposite.

When you provide liquidity to balancer you get double rewards:

1. 145k BAL tokens shared amongst liquidity providers weekly.

2. A percentage share of whatever ethereum fees go through the pool you're in. The one I'm in is 0.2%. so if you hold a decent share of the pool, it's currently a very lucrative deal.

 *In my case I'm getting a third reward. Auctus is currently running a liquidity incentive program of 14000 AUC weekly. I definitely recommend checking it out.


Please check out my video demo. There's lots my tutorials online, mine is just a quick and dirty version.

Stay safe out there, but also does miss the sweet gains.








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