Gramfree is a SCAM | Do not fall for it

By Cryptorange | Cryptorange | 1 Dec 2021


What is Gramfree

It is a pretty simple concept that allows users to generate “Grams” for completing different kinds of tasks. After reaching a certain amount of “Grams” you may then exchange them in to cash. Here is a list of tasks you can do:

  • Roll a lucky number
  • Sign Smart-contracts
  • watch video’s
  • Use referral program
  • Play lottery

The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 grams and it took us about 4 months to get to that amount. Gram price is now at 4.12$ so that means that we would get 2060$ for 4 months doing nothing but logging in couple of times and pressing some buttons.

Videos of people showing they got free money


When you open a Gamefree account you will be able to gain free Grams making a video of a positive review. When you go to Video’s section you will also see videos of other members showing how they got free money from Gramfree.

So when you visit the site for the first time you really get pumped and can’t believe this is actually possible. Then you start calculating and thinking, WAW! I can make so much extra money just by doing this. All these videos that you see where other members show how they received money makes you believe even more. So naturally you start pressing and waiting for that moment of withdrawal.

So is it legit or not?


So after 4 months of waiting we finally placed a withdrawal of 500 grams. To tell you the truth, we where a bit exited with a question like, what if? As always, there where many stories that Gramfree was legit and many stories that it was fake. But, really guys if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.

As you can see in this image our withdrawal is still pending from 1st or September and with confidence I can tell everyone that…

Gramfree is a Scam

Gramfree is fake

Don’t trust Gramfree


There you go guys, a short article about another scam website Gramfree . If you are there or know anyone using this site then please stop wasting time and spread the word.  For more articles please visit our site CRYPTORANGE.NET


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