Sirwin is a big SCAM - Don't trust Bitland

By Cryptorange | Cryptorange | 29 Apr 2021



Cryptorange hunting scammers

In this mad crypto environment, we at #Cryptorange like to try out as many things as possible. This also means we want to test out websites and apps that seem too good to be true. We search for evidence and share it with everyone because these websites are usually scams.

It takes a long time to realize you've wasted your money and, more importantly, your time. These con artists entice people with free gifts in #exchange for registering, and then show them how to make money with them. However, this takes a long time, and you simply want your money now. You will be given the opportunity to invest some money in order to earn more and faster. Yes, indeed! What is a ten-dollar investment? However, if 100,000 people each spend $10, these con artists will become very wealthy very quickly, leaving you behind.



Who is

#Bitland was established in 2017 and began with small data centers in Canada; however, the majority of its facilities are now located in Iceland. Bitland cloud mining is a service that allows you to mine a single coin without lowering your hashrate. Or at least that is what they say. is a scam cloud mining website who #stealmoney and somehow they are still online.


How does this SCAM work?

After registration, a bonus of 2000 Gh/s is accrued to each user. Nice start right? Then, every hour you can claim free extra Gh/s. It can be anything between 5 to 50 per hour. The more you invest the faster your claim refreshes. Example, if you invest 30 dollars then you may claim free Gh/s every 30 minutes. That’s about 700 free Gh/s a day. Then we get to the minimum withdrawal of 200 TRX which is great. After two weeks you should be able to make your 1st withdrawal.


As you can see here, we made our first withdrawal on 10th of March and it worked perfectly.

Here is the transaction:

Imagine you did not invest money and got your first withdrawal. You would probably get a bit of trust and think hmmm…. “why don’t I invest a bit. I already got some money”

Only the 1st withdrawal is real...after that all the others are going to be #fake and you will never see your money. That is how they scam you, by gaining your trust and taking your money.



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