Bitcoin Mining Amid the Pandemic and the Environment !

Bitcoin Mining Amid the Pandemic and the Environment !

By CryptoUser | CryptoPublisher | 3 May 2020

One of the most prominent side effects of CORONA virus is the impact on global environment. Amid the reports that the ozone layer is completely healed it self due to decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, we are about to bust another myth.




While we enjoy cleaner air to breath and a better environment, Bitcoin mining has continued. Will this imply that Bitcoin mining is not as bad as to the environment as some critics have claimed. Lets have a look.

In the past mining bitcoin is blamed and traced some how to be responsible for the modern day climate change such as using too much energy, increasing fossil fuel usage and at the extreme end, the oceans are boiling and burning because of bitcoin mining. On the contrary, today, bitcoin mining is close to its peak high, yet we are getting much more cleaner and healthier environment.



Bitcoin network hash rate (12 months). Source: Blockchain


Now the Environment,


 Nitrogen Dioxide levels in USA

Air Pollution 2015-2019 Average in USA  Air Pollution March 2020 in USA

Image Credits: NASA Website.


Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), is an excellent indicator to monitor changes in human activity because it is primarily emitted from burning fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation. The images above show average concentrations of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide as measured by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on NASA's Aura satellite. The images show average concentration in March of 2015-19 and the average concentration measured in March of this year (2020).


Nitrogen Dioxide levels in Europe,

1153b8b9b04c1caf408b6152f7d1c22938b359eadf2032dcb75c7104152db10b.png 783f8adcea5023ae8e54680364eac35f6fe746cf30492e02d6c190d92ddc4038.png

A comparison of nitrogen dioxide levels in Europe during an average spring, above, and with 2020's coronavirus containment 
measures enacted, below.

(Image: © ESA/Copernicus Sentinel data (2019-20), processed by KNMI/ESA)


Meanwhile in China,


NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens, using modified Copernicus Sentinel 5P data processed by the European Space Agency.


Satellite images show a 15% to 25% decrease in Nitrogen dioxide in the U.S. and more than 50% reduction in China. Apparently, allegations bitcoin mining is damaging the environment are found to be baseless.

Large scale miners will have to leave for work as some staff is required to maintain operations, on the other hand, if you are a small scale miner, you stay at home and continue mining. A win for decentralized mining !


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