Will Bitcoin become a political puppet?

Will Bitcoin become a Political Puppet?

By Cryptopsycho21 | Cryptopsycho21 | 28 Jul 2020


With Trump’s comments about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency giving ‘the needed kick in the ass' to get BTC well over the $10,000 mark, should we be expected that his opponents will use this against him and get on the Cryptobandwagon?  Would using Bitcoin as a rallying cry affect anything?  Are there enough cryptocitizens that would change their political stance based on a candidate supporting crypto?  Or will it be a political puppet?

Studies show that only a minority of voters carefully follow politics to the point of actually understanding what is happening.  The general public uses other factors to determine who they will choose.  Some of these factors are party background, identification, and the incumbent’s performance.  Celebrities can have more influence than logic and reason.  Campaigns seldom change choices for who they will vote for.  I think most will agree that their minds are usually made up very early in the election year, if not years ahead of time.

In recent elections, only about 10% of voters hadn’t made up their minds with only two months left before the election.  However, out of that small piece of the pie, the most significant portion admitted to “leaning” towards certain parties.  The next most massive part of the 10% wasn’t even sure if they would vote.

The most influential factor in predicting a voter’s behavior is called their voter background.  This is made up of characteristics that are physical, mental, and spiritual.  Humans have an uncanny instinct to stick to groups that they feel comfortable in because the group has similar characteristics.  For example, if you own a gun, you probably won’t join a group that is anti-gun.  This sounds like a no brainer, but it gets used against us later. Since we like people like us, our outgroup consists of people we don’t like.

Now comes the most significant waste of money and the largest pollution maker, propaganda.   If candidates cared about the environment or the people, they could use this to help.  This is the part of their mind control experiment where we get bombarded with information and misinformation to influence us and reinforce our opinions of the candidates.  A lot of money goes into making the candidates look, sound, and express emotions like us.  Candidates are in commercials and ads doing the work of common people.  Perfectly smooth, callous free hands (with manicures) dish out food, carry empty boxes and hold on to equipment.  When we start to have questions about the candidate’s policies, we get reminded that they are just like us.  Maybe towards fall, there will begin to be ads with candidates announcing they hodl. 

Of course, if you realize the truth that voting means nothing more than a test for the New World Order to see how far they can push society’s norms, then you know that there is little we can do.  At least, they want a paperless society.

Now for the critical cryptoquestion.  If crypto becomes a political tool, what do you think will happen?  This is a crucial junction in our history. Our economy is in a very vulnerable recession. COVID has pushed people to the bring or a civil war, defunding of police and riots breaking out, leaving cities in shambles and business destroyed.  China’s ready to deploy its national cryptocurrency internationally.  The American Oil Dollar is losing support, and without that, our debt will implode our economy.  Will crypto be our life preserver?  Would you change your support or lack of for a candidate that supported crypto?

If so, how so?  Leave your answer in the comments.








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