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Keep Privacy, Private

By Cryptopsycho21 | Cryptopsycho21 | 4 Feb 2021


Being a cryptoinvestor I am concerned with the political sway being up to the current popular trend.  In the last year, we say privacy stepped on and given up in the name of “safety” and “politically correct.”  How concerned should cryptoinvestors be about this?  How much political sway would it take for this new wonderful technology to be on the wrong side of the political spectrum?  When Trump spoke badly about BTC, it broke barriers in days!  All of us were happy as we could be.  But ‘what if’ he supported it.  What if it was on the Biden agenda?  If you invest in cryptocurrency, you need to be vigilant about your privacy.  You need to know who knows what you say and do.  That’s why I recently changed from Whatsapp and messenger to signal. 

The world we live in does not care about what is right or wrong anymore.  It focuses on how something feels.  To complicate this, Facebook has added to the commotion by brainwashing people to getting their dopamine fix from when people “like” their posts.  The only problem is that there is no way to “dislike.”  As a result, people are so reactive to anything that they fly off the wall as soon as they hear something against their perspective.  Their view is either 100% agree or 100% disagree.

Anyone who is a critical thinker knows that this is nonsense.  There are very few things that are black and white.  We live in a world of grey scales.  It does not take much research to see this in the political spectrum.  People do not vote because they agree or disagree with the political agenda or weigh the pros and cons of choice.  Instead, they develop devotion to one side and have a burning hatred for the other side.

Not only is this ridiculous, but it’s dangerous.  A few of my social media posts got pulled because they were labeled as fake news.  One article was from the BBC about their reporters investigating the spread of Covid 19 in China.  The BBC is one of the fairest media outlets around these days, albeit not perfect, but still much better than anything in the US.  The other article was about how other countries use the term “Wuhan” virus.  Why was it pulled?  I’m currently in Taiwan, and that is what people call it.  Nevertheless, it is thusly banned as “fake news.”

Articles are getting pulled not because they are fake or politically motivated, but just the opposite.  The truth does not fit in the narrative that the people in charge want to sell.  If you have read this far without leaving while waiting for the tip timer to get to zero, then you know what I mean.  However, how far can this go?

Think about the changes that occurred in the last year and think about how fast they happened.  That is a lot of power.  It does not have to be just or for the betterment of mankind ( I can’t even use “mankind” without warning from Grammarly).  It is skillfully spun to achieve what the people in power want to accomplish.

Now Facebook and Whatsapp are working together for data collection.  How much time would be required for laws to be passed to use your information against you?  Much less than I’m guessing you think.  Over the last five years, just being a political supporter could get your house or car vandalized.  Even worse, it could get you attacked.  Being from Portland, the streets can become a scary place when groups freely take over, and the police are ordered not to interfere.  Image this from a non-political standpoint.  You are not allowed to do something because a group does not want you to.  The worst part was the mayor and the governor sided with the groups and let them control the public streets.

Hypothetically speaking, if the government wanted to know who was against them, this data collected by mega-companies are the perfect tool.  China does it and they are very successful.  However, they have nowhere near the power of the NSA when it comes to data collecting.  If this hatred spinning really got people worked up, and someone leaked a list of comments you made, how safe do you think you and your family would be?  Government and special interest groups no longer need to hire people to do their dirty work. They just need to work up innocent people and train them to attack.

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