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By Cryptopsycho21 | Cryptopsycho21 | 17 Aug 2020

From the point of view of an investor, fashion designer, and customer, the Curate platform holds several main advantages that you might like to know about.  First of all, being the first platform designed explicitly for fashion discovery, it holds a place that others can only try to imitate.  The value of the XCUR will steadily grow over time as it increases its customers.   As the platform grows, increasing demand, and finding niches outside Curate, customers will benefit from the increasing fashion products available, and the suppliers will benefit from increased exposure, dialogue, and website hits from around the globe.

Retailers that choose to participate in the Curate Pro membership will benefit through an enhanced membership status.  These benefits include verified badge status and even more engagement activities.  These activities are eye-openers that will have customers ready to buy and earn bonus XCUR.  According to Curate's website, this benefit will be free to those who opt-in for the affiliate program, such as Amazon affiliate, earning up to 10% on sales.

Curate also has a built-in native platform designated for ads. As well as an on-site analytical and tracking pixel which will lead to increase sales through optimization.  These allow for custom targeting and ad placement to those who chose to participate, resulting in yielding a high ROI and ROM.

Curate+ is the native browser extension that works though a commission deal to provide users with free BTC and XCUR as cashback rewards for online shopping. This creates new opportunities for XCUR to extend its reach outside the realm of fashion.  This is a definite plus to the XCUR value and liquidity.  Investors will appreciate this advantage as well as the participants.

Sound worth looking into, here is a link to their forum.  All the information you could ever want is just waiting for you.

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