WanFarm mining tutorial

By tokenization | Cryptopost | 10 Mar 2021

1. Open WanFarm and connect to MetaMask wallet

Open WanFarm in Google Chrome: https://farm.wanchain.org;

And click the connect wallet button;

2. Add liquidity to SushiSwap

Click on the currency pair that is ready to participate in mining, and you will be redirected to the SushiSwap currency pair adding liquidity page;

If it is the first time to operate the token in SushiSwap, you need to perform the "Approve" operation first;

After entering the amount you want to participate in, click the "Supply" button;

Confirm the operation on the pop-up MetaMask wallet interface to complete the addition of the currency pair's liquidity.

3. Pledge mining

Click the "Select" button at the currency pair you want to pledge;

After entering the pledge mining interface, authorization is required for the first operation;

Then click the "Add" button;

Click the "Max" button directly to select all pledges; then click the "Confirm" button to pledge;

And confirm the operation in the pop-up MetaMask wallet interface; after the successful uploading of the chain, it means that the pledge has been completed, and the mining starts immediately.

4. View and withdraw income

Click the "Manage" button of the currency pair you participate in mining;

After entering, you can see your income, click the "Withdraw" button to withdraw your income;

5. Withdraw the principal

In the above figure, click the "Exit" button to first exit the mining pledge;Then on the fund pool page of SushiSwap, manage the funds you want to withdraw.

6. Introduction to the menu bar

SushiSwap: Jump to SushiSwap, you can add or withdraw the liquid funds of the currency pair;

WanSwap: It is a new generation of decentralized exchange built on the basis of automated market making on Wanchain, allowing cross-chain assets to be traded on the Wanchain blockchain. If you cannot tolerate the high transfer fees on Ethereum, you can switch to WanSwap to trade.

WanBridge: It is convenient for you to cross-border assets between Wanchain and Ethereum;

WanLend: The first cross-chain lending platform in Wanchain ecology, you can deposit coins and collect interest in WanLend, or carry out mortgage lending;

WanWallet: Jump to the official website of wanchain to download WanWallet wallet

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