Coinsbit India: Founders Note

By Crypto Punk | Cryptopop12 | 12 May 2021

We are delighted to communicate with all of you that we are about to bring in Europe’s Biggest & Award-Winning Cryptocurrency Exchange “COINSBIT INDIA” in partnership with Coinsbit.

For those who don’t know about Coinsbit, we would like to give you a brief Introduction:

What is Coinsbit & Coinsbit India?

Since its inception in 2015, Coinsbit has been one of the most trusted exchange platforms for cryptocurrency traders worldwide. Our millions of daily active users are a testament to our service and best-in-class safety practices.

Coinsbit does daily transactions worth 2 billion $/day and has a user base of around 6–7 million clients.

Coinsbit India looks to become the foremost trading ground for a market that’s just beginning to see cryptocurrency’s potential. We operate in compliance with the guidelines set out by the government of India at all times. Coinsbit looks to bring service, reliability, and convenience that any other platform cannot match, and we’re proud to be one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of Bitcoin investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and consultants who started investing in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies in 2014. We are also pleased to let you know that Coinsbit team has vested their direct interest in India’s operation, so we can say that we clearly understand about cryptocurrency exchanges, what blockchain is & its core Basis:

Efficiency, Scalability, Trust, Transparency, Safety & Reliability.

And we want to work on the same core principles of blockchain!

We would also like to tell some of the key features of our exchange Coinsbit India:

  1. Lowest trading Fee
  2. Highest liquidity
  3. High performance: trade transaction processing of 10000/sec
  4. Safety at its core: 95% of users fund will always be stored in cold storages
  5. Supporting top cryptocurrencies and bringing the best blockchain project into our exchange
  6. Will be India’s first Crypto exchange that would provide telephone — IVR customer support
  7. Lending, Borrowing & Staking of best cryptocurrency at best rates
  8. Launching India’s 1st e-commerce store where one can buy almost anything through cryptocurrency.
  9. Margin accounts with liquidity up to 10x and futures account with liquidity up to 25x initially and lots more.
  10. DeFi Platform
  11. NFT Platform & many more

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in India?

We believe that India deserves blockchain & cryptocurrencies as it not only helps the crypto Investors in India but will also provide a massive opportunity to thousands and thousands of developers, technological genius minds, and entrepreneurs who can now solve the world’s most challenging problems by leveraging and using this amazing technology. They will now be technologically geared up to compete with trillion-dollar businesses through the power of Blockchain — Efficiency, Scalability & Interoperability resulting in generating thousands of jobs & has the potential that can make our nation a technological leader for the world.

Reason for partnering with Coinsbit?

When we started looking out for partners, we got offers from many reputed exchanges, but the reason for partnering up with Coinsbit is that they’re one of the oldest and are Europe’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange. In the course of their journey, they have never been hacked by any means and have strategies in mind to promote cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and its diverse use-cases and are ready to make radical disruptions in the blockchain space. This shows their ambitious ideology and strong technological backing — one of the best in the world. They are among the few exchanges that do not just promise but have been delivering the best in terms of safety, trust, transparency, reliability, and efficiency.

What is your opinion on the current state of the Indian Crypto Exchange and Our Plans for the future?

We believe that though cryptocurrency exchanges in India have started to catch up speed, there are still many vulnerabilities with respect to each exchange & we want to fill those gaps by bringing the best cryptocurrency exchange in our technologically growing nation.

At last, we want to tell all our users that this exchange is all yours — Made by Community, for the community, and geared by the community. We internally call this exchange “The Cryptocurrency Community Exchange of India.”

Please feel free to give us any suggestions & recommendations before our launch, during the launch phase, and after we launch. Your feedback is most valuable to us.

Hope we can deliver & set up an exchange that surpasses your expectations & delivers in reliability and performance.

Disrupting, Bit by bit.

#SwitchToCoinsbit #GoCryptoBitByBit $CIN #CIN


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