🤑💰 Long-term profits with NETBOX Staking 💵📈

🤑💰 Long-term profits with NETBOX Staking 💵📈

By mabc95 | Cryptoplus | 15 Nov 2020

Maybe you have heard of Netbox, maybe you have not, either case, I am here to show you how to get advantage on its staking program, do you want to join me? Then let us begin!

1. What is NETBOX?


Short story: Netbox is a crypto related company with its strong guy: Netbox.Browser, a chromium based web browser that “feeds” (I have to use an analogy to understand it as a cryptoficionado) its own blockchain via the active participation on its usage, rewarding users with some NBX (their cryptocurrency). In addition, they have their own wallet and give you the option of running a masternode, which I am interested on try it out in the near future. They are working on Netbox.Store, Netbox.Pay, Netbox.Vote, and a long ambitious list that goes until 2022.

Long story: Here it is their Whitepaper ;)



By the time that I am writing this, NBX has a value of 1.99 cents, a $1.54M USD marketcap and a 24h volume of $ 39k USD, occupying the 811st position according to Coingecko (which you can check it constantly to see how this have change). They are offering a 20 NBX Airdrop to the first 125k users, plus a 1 NBX welcome bonus by registering via a referral link (you can check 3 available links at the end of this article) and two weekly and monthly bonuses of 3 and 6 NBX respectively (again, only VIA REFERRAL).

2. Staking feature

Inside the Netbox Wallet feature, they have a Staking section, which allows us to send any amount bigger than 0.00001 NBX (paying a small fee of course) to start earning passive income at an interest rate of roughly 0.033% daily and about 1% monthly (which is greater than 12% of APY if you do compound interest). Moreover, you can stake and unstake whenever you want, it only take you a minute to do that and about 30 minutes to confirm the transaction.



3. Doing some math


Remember, these maths are thought to be on the long term, so I’m not focused yet on the withdrawals of the balance, cause I am hoping that on a couple of years the usage of this Browser and this Crypto gets wider (thus, increasing its value 🤑)

So, I made an Excel worksheet (which you can find and download here) to simulate random daily earnings depending on your activity, I choose the range between 0.3 and 0.6 NBX per day, I had days where I touch the 1 NBX roof but I think the chosen range is a conservative and realistic one. I also include the first time bonuses (1, 3 and 6 for installing, weekly and monthly respectively). This is what I got simulating time lapses ranging from 1 month to 10 years:






It can be seen that on the long term, the staking interests overcome fiercely the hypothetical no staking scenario and you may be wondering, by how much? On the next table and chart, you will see it:


Time Lapse

No staking


% gap

1 month




6 months




1 year




2 years




5 years




10 years







Now, want to know what would happen if you are able to invite at least one person per month to use this amazing Browser? Well, I have that details on my FREE PDF as an extra feature if you are want to know 😊😊

4. Conclusions


After 10 years of using this browser (I have used a computer since I was 8 years old and now I am on my mid 20s), you would almost double the amount of NBX if you have started to stake from day 1 (🤯🤯🤯). With the nowadays price those 3.2k NBX (with no referral) would be equivalent to almost 64 dollars, but, if you take into account that the idea of the project is to get popular trough time, it is plausible to think that the value of the NBX coin would increase, maybe 5 cents, or 20 cents, or 1 dollar! Nevertheless, we do not actually know what will happen, and that is the risky thing about this, but only on a psychological level, like, you know, get overcome by that hope, but in terms of money and time, you are actually risking nothing, because these earnings will come from a common activity we are used to do.

By knowing this entire thing, what are you waiting for to get your Netbox.Browser? Here I will give you three available links to choose (they gave them me to refer people like you! 😉). If none of those links works cause someone else took it, let me know on the comments of Publis0x or emailing me to miguel.bc95@gmail.com.

LINK #1 | LINK #2 | LINK #3   

If you are interested on downloading the Excel and/or the PDF version of this text, you can use their links, by doing that you can check the info I gave you even when you are offline 😉


Disclaimer: Links showed previously could be affiliate links, which represents no cost for you and you are free to click them and help me out to keep bringing this content 🤓


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