World Mobile - Real world utility that could silence crypto critics once and for all.

World Mobile is curious, it should be HUGE, everyone should be talking about it, and yet oddly it is somehow flying beneath the radar. This is hard to understand, I see coverage every day, from Brave Browser adverts, press coverage, through to its recent announcement as 'Official Principal Partner' for Fulham FC, a club playing in the global leading English Premiership football league.

Not many crypto projects have this kind of exposure.... yet whenever I ask people about World Mobile they look at me blankly. Even seasoned and knowledgably crypto investors seem to be oblivious.

I can live with World Mobile's obscurity though, because it won't remain unknown for long and I have managed to snaffle up World Mobile's token while the rest of the world has snoozed.

What is World Mobile?

Bluntly World Mobile is a revolutionary project that is already delivery broadband internet connections and renewable energy power infrastructure to unconnected communities in Africa, constructed on a model of decentralised powered, operated, and owned infrastructure. Infrastructure designed to onboard people in remote communities simultaneously into global communication, the internet and the world of blockchain. World Mobile is aiming to connect the world's 4 billion unconnected people, it's ambitions are staggering.

Users of the World Mobile network will also be provided with a decentralised digital ID, through Cardano's Atala Prism programme, which will give them access to digital banking services and blockchain finances.

World Mobile Token

You might be thinking at this point, that this all sounds very nice and all, but what has it got to do with me? Why would I invest in it? How do I get rewarded? The answer is through World Mobile Token. $WMT is a stakeable asset, which holders can stake with node operators on the World Mobile Chain, these operators process transactions on the chain and collect transaction fees, holders of staked $WMT can earn a share of these fees through delegation.

This is delegator/operator economic model is one many crypto investors are familiar with, by now. What sets $WMT apart is the scale of the real world fundamentals underlying the project and its associated transactions. The World Mobile Chain will be a network providing connectivity to billions, connectivity entire continents can construct their businesses and communities around.

This is no pump and dump meme coin bullshit, this is a project delivering on the promise blockchain advocates have often spoken of: to change the world and deliver meaningful decentralised financial structures and infrastructure - to deliver a new world.



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