Stacking debit card cashback offers for maximum passive earnings using a Curve debit card

Our main cashback card in this process is a debit card from, but the cornerstone of this process is a debit card from Curve the reasons for this will become clear as we progress. Debit Card

The debit card from is a powerful cashback card, paying up to 8% cashback on purchases, as well as providing other benefits, ranging from free Spotify through to private jet hire. The cashback itself is paid instantly in the form of CRO tokens, which can be staked on or elsewhere to earn further yields. The basic card provides 1% cashback, to receive higher amounts of 2%, 3%, 5%, and 8% one must stake cash values of CRO tokens for a period of 180 days.

You can use the card directly, but by adding it to the Curve app you can do some powerful things to earn greater cashback.

Curve App

The Curve App is an innovative tool that allow you to combine all of your credit and debit cards, by adding them to the app, you will receive a virtual debit card immediately, which you can add to your mobile wallet app, and a physical card in the post (mine arrived the next day). There are several advantages to using Curve as a proxy for your card-

  • You can use your card immediately, while waiting for the physical card to arrive.
  • You can hide from people that you are a crypto holder - an obsidian is an advert of crypto wealth which could lead to targeting.
  • Curve has an innovative feature, called 'Go Back in Time' which allows you to retrospectively change which card you used to pay for something, with these feature you can use your to make payments that would be declined, either because you hadn't topped up, or it was one of those odd retailers that always seem to reject the card. You can also use it to move payments that were ineligible for cashback off your card, saving the balance for more lucrative purchases.

Curve also has premium cards (Black/Metal) that allow users to enjoy a further 1% cashback - which you can stack with the cashback - however you have to chose 3 or 6 retailers to apply this too. Whether it is worth paying for the premium cards will depend on how much money you spend each month and whether the additional features, such as travel insurance, are desirable.

Stacking offers in the UK

In the UK you can also download some apps that pay cashback to users, sometimes these are impressively high.

The first one is Airtime Rewards - with this platform you receive credits to your mobile phone bill. There are some big retailers on the list, some of which are also on th next platform too. It's very simple to use, simply register your Curve debit card and now your are able to stack the reward from Airtime Rewards, Curve and

The second platform is Beanstalk/KidStarter this innovative program lets you earn cashback in the form of saving/investments added to a JISA for however many children you chose to save for. There is a large list of retailers, to receive the cashback you shop online through the app, but you can also register your Curve card to earn when shopping in store. Sometime it is possible to stack the Beanstalk/KidStarter cashback with Airtime Rewards, Curve and

An example of stacking using Boots.

By shopping on the app at KidStarter and paying with the Curve card we registered with Airtime Rewards we are able to receive multiple cashback offers at once -

By stacking these rewards we are able to return up to a whopping 17%!

If anyone knows of any other cashback systems that can be stacked, let me know in the comments.


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