Nervos Network $CKB - what it is why I am bullish and what you can do with it.

I am pretty keen, bullish you might say, on Nervos Network and its native token CKBytes ($CKB), why? Mainly because its aims are BIG, ambitious, and desirable -

  • Allow developers to build universal applications, bringing true interoperability across blockchains for end users.
  • Allow users to access the whole crypto space, irrespective of what wallet, they use, what tokens they own, what interfaces they are using.
  • Allow users to operate dApps from any wallet.
  • Provide Layer 2 solutions for scalability.

Nervos is building for a future where multiple blockchains providing solutions as as part of a global network - an internet of blockchains - it shuns the 'winner takes all' mentality we find in the most machismo drenched corners of the cryptosphere. 

That's all well and nice, but unless anyone engages with Nervos that means nothing, right? The thing is Nervos is already engaged in collaborative projects with other blockchains, perhaps the most exciting being with Cardano.

Nervos and Cardano are building a bridge between the two chains. Known as the Force Bridge, the plan is to allow users to move assets between the two chains, create their own wrapped tokens: for developers to access both networks' features, and develop dApps that operate across blockchains seamlessly.

Another great feature of Nervos Network's $CKB, which is very similar to Cardano's $ADA, is that it is easy to stake and earn rewards with. Nervos uses a DAO, accessed through Nervos Network’s native wallet Neuron. The staking mechanism is similar to that found in Daedalus for ADA, and anyone who has experienced the torture of staking on the Polkadot/Kusama network will welcome this simplicity.

Nervos is ranked 120th in terms of market cap, which stands at only $330m, leaving a lot of room for growth. The team is rock solid, fully doxxed and experienced and Nervos is just beginning to be noticed. As the downturn comes to an end I personally think Nervos is going to explode.

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