Cryptopilots Contest: Your best guess of what the main June 1st announcement will be. Win 10,000 TRYBE!

Cryptopilots Contest: Your best guess of what the main June 1st announcement will be. Win 10,000 TRYBE!

By Cryptopilots | CryptoPilots | 1 May 2019

Hello again! Hope this finds everyone doing well. The eagerly awaited Block.One announcement is fast approaching. We thought it’d be appropriate to have another contest to see what you thought the main announcement on June 1st might be. Will it be game changing? No big deal? More of the same? We want to know what you’re anticipating.


The rules will be quite simple;


1. EVERYONE can compete

2. Chose ONE announcement that you believe will be the most important and tell us why.

3. Join the Crypto Pilots Discord and post your entry in our “Post Promotions” channel.


Everyone who nails it will share the prize. If only one person nails it, we’ll only have one winner. If no one wins, we reserve the right to declare the most well written post as the winner.


The winner(s) will share a pot of 10,000 TRYBE tokens. 


Contest starts today. We will accept entries through May 25th.

Authors of well written posts will be given “aspiring content creator” status in our community. Aspiring content creators are always on our radar to becoming “verified content creators”. Verified content creators are people we trust to consistently post high quality articles which add value to the overall community. Read more about the perks of becoming a verified content creator in the Cryptopilots community here.

Have fun and best of luck to all contestants!

- The Guys at Crypto Pilots





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