CryptoPilots: A Quality Content Creation Community Across Platforms

CryptoPilots: A Quality Content Creation Community Across Platforms

By Cryptopilots | CryptoPilots | 25 Mar 2019

Say hello to the CryptoPilots, a blockchain agnostic community created by several well known crypto content creators. The idea sprung out after a lot of quality content creators wanted a way to battle against poor quality and low effort content creators due to upvoting rings and “reward pool raping” on platforms such as Steemit, Whaleshares and even (but to a lesser degree) Trybe.


The purpose of this community is to collect as many quality content creators as possible and then give them an “approved status”A verified badge. We have no intentions of playing God, so we will not focus on low quality content at all. If someone wants go give bad content a bad rating – we won’t try to stop them obviously, but our focus is on lifting up good content creators and give them the love they deserve.



How It Works: Ranks, Contests, Prizes, Reward Drops And All That Fun. 

Anyone can join our community, not only content creators. We want to build a community that works on a variety of projects. But content creation and “approving” quality content creators will be our main focus right now. 

When you join our community most people will start out as aspiring content creators. Aspiring content creators in our community are eligible of entering writing contests. Articles will be manually reviewed by us and we will give out prizes to winners and runner ups. Content creators that through several contests provide high quality content. will be rewarded with a “verified badge” and verified content creator status in our community groups on Discord and Telegram. A single contest will not necessarily give you the badge, but you will win the prize as well as being featured in our monthly “best of” articles Being “verified” will give you perks such as access to post promotion rooms, “retweets” and more. We will also run contests among verified creators that earns even higher prices. 



 Note that excellent content creators will not necessarily have to even win contests to become verified.

 Excellent content is excellent content and great content creators deserve the badge regardless of competitions. The contests are mainly a fun way for relatively unknown content creators and newcomers to be able to display their writing skills.

Also, by attaching the badge to your article, people will immediately know that this is good content. And of course, we will encourage our members to upvote approved content. This is only fair. The big difference between this and an upvoting ring, is that upvoting rings upvote each other based on purely selfish gains in tokens and no community interaction. In this community, the number one reason to upvote someone is that they provide quality content for EOS and the crypto space as a whole. Of course they deserve upvotes.

One important note about the badge. The badge is not finite. You will receive it for your outstanding content and contribution to the space. We want you to keep it, but receiving it also comes with some responsibility and motivation to keep it. We will be able to pull the badge if the quality of your content drops significantly after receiving it. The badge is in other words dynamic and not permanent. We will however give you warnings, and you will not lose it out of the blue.



 What do we consider great (and relevant) content?

CryptoPilots is mainly a crypto oriented community. We value scoops on crypto related news and tutorials. We also value alternative finance and economics articles as well as commentaries on crypto/blockchain impact on economics, humans, culture, free speech, politics, business/entrepreneurship etc. General content on politics, economics, history and psychology is also within our realm of interest.

What we do not consider relevant content for our community is general travel, food, health, introduction post, family, blog, music etc.

Community rewards: We want an active community both on Discord, Telegram and in the comment fields as well as people actually upvoting good content. We will give out weekly or monthly reward drops to the most active community members.

In short: Contests, prizes, reward drops, badges, tiers and unlocking ranks in discord/telegram. AND MORE TO COME!


So stay tuned as we will launch our first contest very soon! 


Meanwhile; Join our Discord (main meeting place) and Telegram channel to stay up to date with the community. 

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Cryptocurrency Blockchain community focusing on lifting quality content across platforms.


A quality content creation community across platforms with contests, reward, prizes and awesome crypto content creators.

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