CryptoPick News: Game update 11/10/2021

CryptoPick News: Game update 11/10/2021

Dear Picker community, based on your feedback, we have implemented several changes to make things even better!

Leaderbopard - game Update

  • Leaderboard

We changed the duration of the leaderboard from every week to every day. This way, players who can’t play every day of the week can still win by just playing on certain days. The prize pool of these daily leaderboards will be lower than weekly, from 250$ per week to 50$ per day, but it also means that we are rewarding 350$ per week instead of 250$.

  • CPR calculation

We have updated the CPR calculation system to reduce the maximum CPR you can win or lose. We did this to have high CPR players lose less vs. low CPR players. The maximum CPR someone can win or lose is now 16, and we increased the spread needed to reach this maximum CPR loss/gain from 400 to 1000.

  • Disqualification

We have added the possibility of being disqualified from a game. Disqualification happens when a player doesn’t make any trades or doesn’t close their trade before the end of the game. Being disqualified means you lose the game, whatever your score is. We did this so that players who trade actively will always win versus a player who doesn’t make any trade even if their score is negative and remove the -100 score at the end of the game, which wasn’t perfectly fair.


Let’s see how these changes impact the battleground. We are looking forward to your feedback and will be making more changes soon! If you have any questions concerning CryptoPick’s, future you can submit them using this form. These questions are answered during our live Ask Me Anything sessions.


⚔See you on the trading battleground! ⚔


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