CryptoPick Announcement: The Purge
The Purge

CryptoPick Announcement: The Purge

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Dear Pickers,

You might have noticed that the total number of players in the leaderboards/tournaments/games went down over the past hours. This decrease in the number of players is due to a recent purge where we addressed several accounts abusing our Terms & Conditions. This purge resulted in several accounts being deleted by the owners or by us.

This purge targeted players who were abusing one of the first and most essential points in our Terms & Conditions, namely: "Only one account per User may be established on the CryptoPick Website. If CryptoPick discovers more than one account associated with any User, CryptoPick reserves the right to freeze, suspend, or terminate all of that User's accounts, as well as to revoke any and all prizes associated with those accounts."

With 99% of you being honest players, there is no reason people who abuse the system should be left unpunished. We already had tools to detect these abuses, but now we have created an anti Cheat/Bot system that will detect these even faster in the future. Any other player who is still abusing or would abuse CryptoPick in the future will be tracked down and taken care of.

We wanted to address this issue before reaching and celebrating 10.000 players for the simple reason that we want it to be 10.000 real Pickers!

Thank you for your understanding, and we are looking forward to the future of CryptoPick!

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