CryptoPick Annoucement: New tournament schedule

Tournament banner

New tournament schedule: more games, more predictions and more rewards 💰

Thank you for completing our survey about setting up a new "Hourly" tournament 🙏

As more and more of you are joining us and participating in our games, we have prepared a new tournament schedule 📆

Tournament schedule

In addition to the already existing "Hourly" tournament, we are happy to offer you not 1 but 2 additional "Hourly" tournaments 🏆

We have also introduced fixed rewards instead of rewards linked to the number of participants 🎁

Moreover, the frequency of the tournaments (Hourly, Daily and Weekly) has been modified: to simplify things:

We wanted their rhythm to be linked to the beginning and the end of each time frame (Hourly/Daily/Weekly) 📆

And for more fun, all our tournaments are now "combos leagues": your predictions are to be made on both MOON and DOOM games 🎮

👉 Join tournament HERE

More news to come, stay tuned!

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For more information about CryptoPick and The Shop, you can read our articles "CryptoPick - Official guide" and "CryptoPick guide: The Shop"

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