CryptoFaucets #1: Cointiply

By Cryptopeach | Cryptopeach | 11 Nov 2020

Hello, in this first post I'm going to review one of the best and well known Faucets in Crypto world, Cointiply.

It's well known that faucets where and are part of crypto since almost the beggining, it's a good way for you to learn about crypto and earning some too. This one is the best BTC and DOGE faucet I have ever seen.

What it has to offer:

• Hourly time faucet that earns you more coins the bigger the number you get is, if you get 100000 you win the jackpot.

• Paid to click ads, you just have to click and wait for the advertisement to load and you earn some coins, the bigger the time you have spent seeing it the more you earn. There are many every day.

• Surveys, this one gets you many coins, you will have to answer some questions about certain things. Depending on the area you are living in you will have more or less Surveys to answer. If you do a bunch of them every day you are in for big earnings and awesome BTC payouts.

• Paid to install, this is pretty easy, you just have to install some apps or reach a level in some games to redeem your compensation, this one is also a big time payer.

• Paid games, complete some easy games like memory games. This one has a trick you have to win 100% of the game to receive the reward.

• Watch videos, another easy task, just watch a video and earn some coins.

• Chat earning, this is one of the best things about this Faucet, you can earn in the chat. What do you have to do? Chat with people and help them with their doubts. At the end of a certain time the chat will Rain and distribute coins. The more you chat and do task in that period of time the more you will earn.

So as you can see you have many options to earn your coins. I'm here talking about "Coins" and you maybe wondering "what is this coins term?". Well only at the time of withdraw you will be able to convert to BTC or DOGE and this is very simple, when you have 30.000 coins you can withdraw to your DOGE wallet, when you have 50.000 coins you can withdraw to you BTC wallet. This amounts are easily achievable if you invest a little time on the faucet. At this time, it may vary with the price of BTC, 25.000 coins are more or less equal to 15.000 satoshis (the minimal divison of Bitcoin). So as you can see it pays very well.

Is it trusted and legit?

Yes, it is. I have made many withdrawls and they pay you within minutes, that's a guarentee. You can check on Trustpilot and you will only see good comments about this Faucet.

The thing that makes me like even more is that it has an APP on Play Store (Android) that you can use to do your tasks via smartphone with a friendly design for smartphones.

If you want to give it a try I'm going to leave here may referral link, please use this to register because if you refer users you get 25% of what they are earning without the referal losing any coins.

Give it a try and happy earnings.

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