Who Wins Covid or Bitcoin ?

By CryptoPB | CryptoPB | 6 Aug 2020



When it was announced that a new virus had been detected in China,

bitcoin prices started to wobble a bit.

Why China is one of the economic powers which, apart from its large

population and the system that prevails there, produces
a lot of products that are flooding the entire global market.

In addition, a large amount of their capital is invested in Bitcoin.
So the normal reaction of quotations was a spatial price wobble.


In March, a virus pandemic was announced in the world,

more and more countries were detected with the disease,

there is also an increase in mortality on him.

The price of bitcoin is starting to drop drastically even though Halwing is approaching.


At some point when the incidence increases, the price of BTC also starts to rise, why?

Because when states start closing borders and limiting
freedom of citizens, try to limit the number of cases.

People start to look for alternatives, they start to figure out how to earn money

without risking getting infected. And here they come to the rescue
Crypto currencies.

You heard something from a friend about them,

someone else saw an article that was more and more at that time about BTC

and cryptocurrencies what are the alternatives that you can earn them online without leaving your home.

More and more offers of receiving cryptocurrencies began to appear
for registering on the website, for creating an account.

At the same time, BTC begins to recover losses, and how can it be otherwise if the interest in it grows moment by moment.
And fewer and fewer days to Halving.

The day of Halving is coming, everyone expects the BTC price to soar high, high up. And here Bitcoin stops at a certain moment, it does not exceed the magic

There is some disappointment from people, but as it happens in cryptocurrencies, some, unlike BTC, are gaining in value, so interest in Crypto.
does not fall.

The mortality rate and the number of behaviors begin to decline, the states are slowly starting to ease the restrictions. People are starting to come back to a certain normality. It begins to speak
the Coronavirus is ending.

Vacation starts, people think a little bit about their vacation plans, borders are open, so Covid is starting to be normal.

In the full moment in the background, Bitcoin begins to soar up, exceeds its limits, and as it happens with people, interest begins to increase again, not so fast anymore
because in the holiday mood we are already relaxed in the beginning period.

And of course not to be too nice Covid hits again

because of loosening some things, the morbidity is increasing ...........


And now a question for you, what will the story continue?

WILL BTC see big drops again? Or maybe it will cross new boundaries?

What will happen after vacation, when people come back from their vacation trips, after flushing ...?




And most importantly, the end of this story depends on us !!!

And the result of this player as well, did it turn out good, i.e. interest and the possibility of cryptocurrency trading !!!

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