Passive Income Earnings ($35.85) - June 2022

By rockua | crypto and passive income | 24 Jun 2022

Hi! I will post my passive income earnings (dollar) in June 2022.

In June I've used Honeygain, eToro, Swagbucks and local research questions which I will present my earnings I gained from.

  • Honeygain:


          Honeygain Earnings: $10

On Honeygain, I earned from sharing my internet connection and opening the bonus every day.

Honeygain run as a program on your pc, sharing your internet connection 24/7.

If you want you can turn it off and on whenever you want.

I completed the minimum withdrawal limit on Honeygain ($20) and I send a withdraw request.

I managed to withdraw $12 with IP Royal Pawns in 3 months. 

  • eToro:


       eToro Earnings: $18.64

On eToro, I earned $25 of stocks in Samsung for completing a questionnaire. It's value decreased, so I decided to close the trade.

  • Swagbucks:

             36 SB - $0.36

       Swagbucks Earnings: 36 SB - $0.36

On Swagbucks, I earned from referrals, answering questions and daily poll.

  • Local Research Questions:


       Local Research Earnings: $6.85

I earned from answering local research questionnaires.


This month I was active in passive income sites, tools and programs.

  •  Honeygain Earnings: $10
  • eToro: $18.64
  • Swagbucks Earnings: 36 SB - $0.36
  • Local Research Earnings: $6.85

Total Passive Income Earnings: $35.85

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crypto and passive income
crypto and passive income

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