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Hey guys, welcome back to my Blog. In this article I will go over a platform called WOMBAT and show you how to stake your WOMBAT tokens to earn 15% APY, so keep reading to find out how to do this.

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What is WOMBAT?


WOMBAT is a Berlin based gaming platform that was created in 2019 under the name “Womplay”. Since then it has grown massively and now there are many different ways you can make crypto with this platform. In a nutshell, basically you get paid an in-game token called Wombucks which can then be added to the weekly pool and in return you will get paid one of the 4 different crypto currencies that WOMBAT offer. There are other ways to earn so if you are new to WOMBAT, check out my tutorial below and if you decide that this gaming platform is for you contact me on Discord before signing up as I help all my referrals to increase their VIP level so that they can earn more crypto.

Wombat Tutorial --> Click HERE to watch

I will talk about the VIP levels in more detail in another video so keep an eye out for that one.


WOMBAT Extension


You can stake your WOMBAT tokens 2 different ways, you can do this on the chrome extension or on the Wombat Wallet app which is available for both Android and iOS. I prefer doing this on the extension on my PC but this is just a preference of mine. To download the extension, go to "" and you will see the option to install the extension here.


After you have logged into your account, if you have any crypto you will see your balances here.


I like how easy it is to navigate around this wallet and to be able to quickly send and receive crypto.


Why Stake WOMBAT?


If you are wondering why you should stake your WOMBAT tokens, there are a few reasons. One of them is if you lock up your WOMBAT tokens for 1 year, you will receive 15% APY and this is paid every second. You are able to withdraw your “unclaimed” tokens at any time.


Another reason to stake is that you can increase your VIP level at certain stake amounts. You can see as you increase your VIP level you will also increase your Wombucks percentage boost. This is so important if you play Upland via Wombat as you can earn a lot of Wombucks here.



The final reason to stake your WOMBAT is that you will gain some cool benefits in the game WOMBAT Dungeon Master. This is another way to earn long term, however if you are going to play this, please take note this is a long term game and will not make you a lot of crypto straight away. For example if you are VIP 5 and you don’t play Dungeon Master, you will still receive 4 VIP packs and a season pass. These can all be sold on AtomicHub and usually sell for $20 or more, so this is a nice way of making extra crypto just for staking your WOMBAT tokens and reaching a higher VIP level.



How to Stake WOMBAT


Let’s say you have WOMBAT in your wallet and you want to know how to stake it to increase your VIP level and receive 15% APY. First, go to "". When you are on this page, you have the option to select WAX or Polygon. I prefer using Polygon as I like the coin MATIC but it is up to you which one you choose.


For the purpose of this video I am going to choose Polygon, if you click on “stake on polygon” it will take you to this page. You can see I have over 200k WOMBAT tokens staked and I am currently VIP level 5.


To stake your WOMBAT, click on “Stake” and then you get a choice of different durations and APY. If you stake for 90 days you will receive 3%, stake for 180 days you will receive 6% and stake for 360 days you will receive 15%. There is also a flexible option where you can still stake your wombat tokens to increase your VIP level, however you don’t receive any APY on this and you are able to un-stake your tokens at any time and claim them after 7 days.


Once you have chosen the duration and APY that suits your needs, click on MAX or type in the amount of WOMBAT tokens you want to stake. It will show you roughly what you will earn and when your stake finishes, to finalise click on “Stake” and you will receive a pop up from WOMBAT extension.

Please note that in order to process your transaction you will need to have a small amount of MATIC in your wallet, this is only ever 0.02 MATIC or less. Click “Sign”, within 5 - 10 seconds your stake should be showing. If it isn’t, sometimes you just have to refresh the page and it should update your VIP level.


Overall Summary


I really like Wombat in general and I have been using their gaming platform for a long time and made some decent crypto over the years. They have a very good team behind the project and always listen to what the community says, which is great for future development. As for being able to stake WOMBAT tokens and receive up to 15% APY and increase your Wombucks for playing games, I personally think this is a great way to make some extra crypto for having fun. It isn’t for everyone as this does require an investment, so always do your own research when it comes to investing your own money. Any questions, please leave a comment below and I will reply back to you as quickly as I can.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.


Useful Links/Info


Wombat link --> Click HERE to sign up

My Discord Server --> Click HERE to join

Wombat Official Page --> Click HERE to visit

Wombat Staking Page --> Click HERE to visit

My YouTube Channel --> Click HERE to subscribe

Wombat Tutorial Video --> Click HERE to watch

Wombat Payment Proof Video --> Click HERE to watch


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