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Hey guys, welcome back to my Blog. In this article I will show you what is inside the daily loot boxes on the platform Wombat. If you are not sure what Wombat is, click the link to my Tutorial and don't forget to Sign up to Wombat. Keep reading to find out some extra ways you can earn crypto from signing up with my link. (see the "My Discord" section)

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Just before I get started on "opening the daily loot boxes", if you want to earn extra crypto online I run my own Discord server where I personally spend time with you and show you more ways to earn. A lot of these ways are 100% passive and require no work, this can be from playing games, running apps, watching videos and a whole lot more. This is great as I can help you achieve a higher VIP level in Wombat, basically the higher the VIP level you are, the more Wombucks you earn, the more Wombucks you earn, the more crypto you earn......WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!

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If you are a completely new to Wombat, I will show you a game to play where you can earn quite a bit of crypto long term. Both Wombat and Upland have massive long term potential and this is why they both go so well together. 

Did you know that you can get paid from playing Upland? (see pic below)


An example of what you could earn when you start playing Upland


If you are interested in this, have a look at my "Wombat Tutorial" and before you know it, you will be earning in no time. I have put some links below if you are interested in any of the things I have mentioned so far.

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Wombat Tutorial Video --> Click HERE to watch

Wombat Payment Proof Video --> Click HERE to watch

With that being said, let's get on with opening the loot boxes.


My Video to This Article


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What I have Earned So Far.....




Let me know in the comments below what you have earned from opening the loot boxes.


Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next one......

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CryptoParent | Earn Online

My name is CryptoPar3nt and welcome to my blog “CryptoParent | Earn Online” where I show you how to make extra crypto online. So if you are interested in earning extra crypto by playing games, watching videos, staking and other exciting free ways, then please take 1 second to like this article and follow my blog.

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